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If you love to write, do it here! we will accept articles about computers, computer reviews, How to fix or repair, computer tutorials, technology tips, reviews, tech news, business, and so on. This will be checked and publish if it looks good and agreed to our guidelines mention below.

You need to include your Full name, your website address or link, and your email address, and sent your articles to the official email address of www.combinebasic.com to greencomval@gmail.com or use our contact page here: Contact Us 
You will receive an invitation coming from our site, all you need is to click the link and follow the onscreen instruction.

  1. WHAT I SHOULD WRITE IN THIS SITE? If you browse this site and the navigation menus, you will notice different topics or different categories. Same as what I mention in the introduction paragraph of this page. Be remember I don't accept any article not related to any topics of our site. All the posts should go too well for all the readers that could help with their daily use of computers or any other gadgets they use. 
  2. HOW MANY WORDS YOU NEED TO WRITE? As you're writing, you need to write a list of a minimum of 500-800 words. Be sure in the first paragraph, it should be concise and the 5 W's and 1 H is noticeable. Your paragraph must be content only four lines. Remember your own writing is your honor here and outside of this site. 
  3. SHOULD I INCLUDE PHOTOS IN MY POST? This is a big YES, photos relating to your post are the eyes of your writing. If you use a photo not your's be sure to put a credit through the sites where you get your images. Photos should be 640 PX or larger and should be compressed to lower pixel-like using this site, http://optimizilla.com. Photos or images should be put in an ALT text using the properties of your images during the post.
  4. WHAT ABOUT LINKS? All links are accepted, inside your post you can put three links only. And in your Google Plus account, you should put the links on your site if you have. This will show in your Biography box in the author's description below the post. 
  5. HOW YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED AS A GUEST WRITER? After you contact me through the email address I write above. I will check your email, if Gmail could not verify your account I will delete your message. So therefore to avoid this kind of scenario, preferably your email address should be Gmail. I will reply to you after and I will ask you for a sample and links to your previous posting. Then, if you're true, I will invite you through blogger via my blog sites and follow the invitation link in your email inbox.
  6. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO AFTER POSTING YOUR WORKS? On my side, I will promote your writing in my all accounts on social media. But your writing is your responsibility also to become visible in search engines. This site is connected to different social media and has a page on Facebook optimize in four giant webmasters like Google Search Console. Remember don't republish your post, Google heat this kind of anomaly in posting articles. I will repeat, your writing is your honor.
  7. CAN I BE A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR? This is another big YES, and you will retain ownership of your post. You will be contacted through the official email on this site to write another post. As you're a writer and one of the authors here you will ask to write a post at list three posting every week or more of these as you like.
  8. DO YOU PAY FOR GUEST WRITING? Maybe in the future! if your post will create income through ads you will pay maybe. But guest posting is a key that you will be given an opportunity to write in a blog to show your ability in writing and add to your portfolio and expose yourself to the community using the internet. Remember the internet is one community of the entire world. 
  9. WHAT ANYTHING ELSE? You can contact me using the contact page or using the official email address of this site if you have questions if you have additional information that will help to improve this site. Your help is highly appreciated.

If you're interested in why you not try your best, see you on our site.
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