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Arnel is a 42 years old, currently live in Buhangin, Davao Philippines. He is very interested in blog website designing, computer applications, electronics and computer troubleshooting. Presently working as Biomedical Technician and Computer Trainer. For me, doing my spare time it must be put in a good purposed. And that's sharing, impart knowledge to others, and help them to learn most especially to those who don't know the things that they have in their surrounding the "computer". Through imparting and sharing with them about the technology that we have now. The use of computer that change our purpose in achieving through information and communication. Where the purpose of computer evolve and now mostly of our lifestyle depend on the use of this technology.

I learned blogging or create a blog site when I was starting learning a blog web site. Through reading articles posted on the internet. I was first addicted in computer games, such as online games and most I like is the counter strike source. My interest in playing games was changed when I got to learn a most knowledgeable article in the blog site posted about "How To Become A Blogger". And that is the start of my new blogging career, join as a force in Blogging Industry.

Doing blogging is just like to waste time and money, but in order myself that I need, I want to work this in the internet and want to help those who need information and knowledge about computer applications and troubleshooting. Such as writing article that you don't know "Who, What, When, Where, Why, How". But nearly the ideas are there in our hands and mind. And it needs only our efforts to execute. And I know through constant practice and stay in your faith, most especially to our God. And laid up our needs to our God nothing is impossible. I truly believe that there are comments which is constructive nor nonconstructive. It will build up gradually in us of what goals we need to achieve. Our patience to our purpose is the arm of our success, and every aspect is our gratitude toward our goal of success. And we gladly thankful to all of you who supported me in building this Blog Site on the Internet. And help combinebasic to achieve its goal.

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There are three purpose why this site combinesbasic created in blogging industry, we wanted to help, impart, share, to other people, especially to students. Once they are online on the internet. They will use as their online laboratory for review of previous lessons. And most especially to poor students or people who are illiterate of computer. Most of the contents of this blog site are the most basic application of computer, internet, emails, Microsoft Office application, gadgets and cellphones, laptops or notebooks, computer and electronic troubleshooting. Other contents of this site were transferred to our other site called Nuggetro News like the religious belief or writing contents about the word of the bible, code of ethics, 11 General Orders and other postal articles not related to the purpose of this site.