Why You Should Never Charge Your Phone Overnight

Caring Mobile Phone Battery

There are many cases that happen about the incident about using the mobile phone in times when the user was sleep and then he forgot that his/her mobile phone was on charging mode. In fact, our parents, grandmother, or father keep on reminding us to not leave the phone charging because this may cause to damage our mobile phone or it can cause serious damage to us unintentionally. That's why on my part I'm too careful in this particular task in using our mobile phone when I'm at the home from work. And out of your knowledge, mobile phone companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and even Spectrum Mobile also recommend you to do the safety. Do you want to know why? below are three of the most important reasons why it is not a good idea to leave your phone charging while you sleep overnight: 

1. 30% to 70% Battery Charge is the most recommended not the 100% Full Charge

Popular Smartphone companies, telling that, keep your mobile phone charge at the exact level not totally charged in a long period of time. 100 percent fully loaded current/voltages are not good for the battery's health. According to iPhone can be affected if it remains fully loaded at the extended lengths of time of charging. Samsung and other smart mobile phone companies said that leaving your phone connected to your charger at night for long hours is a bad idea. Keep your Phone 30 to 70 percent. All smartphone manufacturing companies suggest that keep your mobile phone charging level in the middle. it should not low or high. Both low and high may cause to damage your mobile phone.

Don't Charge Your Phone Overnight

2. Your Battery Life Span Will Be Affected 

Smartphone mobile has a battery composition of lithium-ion, this type of battery can charge faster compare to old batteries or conventional. If you notice that your smart android mobile phone can take to charge the battery for up to 2 hours fully charge. So, in this time period, if you leave your phone charging overnight, it is you increase the exposure time with the charger and electricity. In this bad idea in caring our phone, this will cause to degrade the battery life, the minute you start using it. This means if this is always happening or increasing the usage, it may lose the capability to hold the charging process. So when you let yourselves do this always charging overnight, you'll fasten the battery's life span.

Phone Might Blow Up

3. Charging Overnight May Cause To Your Phone Battery Blow Up

Do you notice that using the lithium battery, your phone uses the lithium-ion when fully charged the charging stops at the level of 100 percent? This means is fully loaded now and after a while, the battery will drop to 99 percent level in a few minutes. So once the battery level falls, it will continue to charge the battery again and then go back to 100 percent. Because it is connected to the electrical outlet. This means your cycle or trickles in the charging process. This will start to build up the heat temperature and this is the cause that it will be blown up the battery. Sleeping in this scenario may cause to injured the user or the person near to you.

What is a Good Idea In Charging Your Mobile Phone Battery?

What are the expert's best suggestions? Below is some good idea that you should remember always when charging your mobile phone.

  • The best idea that to care for your phone battery, don't put the battery level to zero percent. This means if it has the opportunity to charge at the level of 35 or 45 percent do it. Doing this process can preserve the battery life span and slow the aging process.
  • Cool temperature or on the best room temperature the best environment during charging the phone. Avoid charging the phone in too hot areas. Ensure that it is air ventilated or has an aircon if necessary.
  • The best idea during charging is, remove the case cover of your phone. Then if you have a coaster or a saucer while your aways while your phone is charging, this is recommended to keep safe. Or any object that has a metal-like heatsink that can dissipate the heat temperature.


We have all been scolded for leaving our phones charging overnight at some point in our lives. However, as it turns out, it wasn't just a myth, and charging your phone overnight can be a horrible idea. Now that you know what you should and should not do, make sure you take more care in the future. It is recommended to charge your phone during the day while you're awake.

Some of us might get troubled or scolded by our parents or guardians because of leaving the phone charging overnight. But actually, this is a caring part of our lives, to all the people near or belong to you. Charging your phone at night may cause horrible nighttime of your life If you did not apply the safety in caring for your phone. Now that you know how to take care in handling your phone charging. It is recommended to charge your mobile phone battery during the daytime while your two eyes are awake and your mind has good thinking.

That's all guys keep in tune with our site for the next post. Keep safe always.

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There are many cases that happen about the incident about using the mobile phone in times when the user was sleep and then he forgot that hi...
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