What Is Yoti Apps And How To Register

 YOTI  is a 7 years old mobile phone application software serving on the internet, it has 140,000 downloads as of now. This free application is a London-based app. It will create a secure digital identity since when you registering here all your personal details will be encrypted.  By taking a selfie by yourself using the face recognition method. Which then linking to your identification documents such as driver's license, Passport, and National ID.

This application has a strict method for getting your personal details, be sure that your ID is valid and not expired. And during the taking of pictures, it should be clear output. The ID should be clear and very readable.


First and foremost you need to download this application on your mobile phone at this link, YOTI application 

Download YOTI Mobile Application

1. Open your YOTI apps on your mobile phone.

YOTI Application and Registration

2. All you need here is to tap the blue Button below that said I understand and Consent

YOTI Application and Registration

3. If you want to read "A better experience" you can it, but if not just tap until to the bottom to continue the registration.

YOTI Application and Registration

4. Just tap the blue button called " Agree and Continue".

YOTI Application and Registration

5. Click the blue button called " Get Started".

YOTI Application and Registration

6. Tap the country button, it will list down different countries. Just select your country where you live permanently. Then type your mobile phone number, inside the mobile number on the right side.

YOTI Application and Registration

7. This is the list of the countries, for example, "The Philippines" select it and tap confirm button.

YOTI Application and Registration

8. YOTI will send a verification code for your registration, once you received it type in the verification code bar. Then tap the verify blue button.

YOTI Application and Registration

9. After the verification completed you successfully finish step 1. Now tap the blue button called continue.

YOTI Application and Registration

YOTI Application and Registration

10. Now the next step is the face recognition method. Just find a place in your area, office, or home or wherever you are where the place has a good light. That can help your phone camera to output a most clearer image of your face. To start it here you must put your entire face on the circle and tap the shutter button once you're clear to go.

YOTI Application and Registration

11. After the face recognition is successful, you can click now the blue button called to continue. Then step 2 is finished now. You will be login into your YOTI account dashboard. The next task you're going to do is the picture taking of your identification document.


You need the following as stated above in this post. Remember as I said you need a clear ID for the picture taking

1. DRIVERS LICENSE- It must not expired and clear identification details.
2. PASSPORT- It must not be expired and have clear identification details.
3. NATIONAL ID- It must not be expired and have clear identification details.

Note: Anyone one this ID is accepted for your account's additional digital identification details. But of course, if you have these 3 documents this will make your account more digitally true on your identification details.

IF you have now anyone of this or either of this 3 document you can begin now the picture taking by tapping the driver's license, passport, or national id button to start. Just follow the screen instruction to do it until you will finish all the tasks.

That's all about this post, and just leave a comment at the comment bar below for your comments or questions regarding this post. 

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  YOTI   is a 7 years old mobile phone application software serving on the internet, it has 140,000 downloads as of now. This free applicati...
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