How To Add Or Edit Details Of Your Facebook Account

Your Facebook account may you use for your online presence for your business. Either you're an online entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor or trader, and affiliates marketer. Different ideas and strategies will come up to you every now and then as long as you do your online business every day. There are some cases that you need to change or edit your Facebook basic information by editing the details on it. Or there are details that you're needed to add.

Edit details located left side of your new Facebook account interface. Your autobio located above below your cover photo and your featured photo on the right side. This edit detail is above on the feature photo that you can add a link for your website or add a social link like your Twitter account.

Here are some details inside in the Edit Details, look on it:

  1. Your Workplace
  2. Education
  3. Current City or Place you Live
  4. HomeTown
  5. Relationship
  6. Websites
  7. Social Links
  8. Contact and Basic Information
  9. Details About You
  10. Life Events


Open your Facebook account, and click the edit button on the left side of your Facebook account. interface.

Edit Details Of Facebook Account

1. Click the Edit Details button point by the arrow.

Edit Details Of Facebook Account

2. Then click the Update Your Information.

Edit Details Of Facebook Account

3. On the About section of your screen, you can click each of them you'll see on the left sidebar. For example the Contact and Basic Info. You can change your mobile phone number, add or edit the email address, Websites, and Social links, and Basic Info. To update or edit this part you need to click the pencil icon on the right side of your screen.

Edit Details Of Facebook Account

4. Paste the website link or your promotional product link on the bar provided if you want to replace the old link that you have. But if you want to add a link you can click the button called "Add a website" then type or paste the link of the site you have.

5. That's it, you can click the save button after all the change or edit has been finished. Now do the step 4 and 5 to the rest of About section that you need to change, Add, or edit. Then don't forget to save your work after it.

NOTE: Some of the URLs that you copied outside of the Facebook site are not accepted due to a violation of community privacy. Be sure that the link you provided is secure and shorten URL. You can use and for URL shortening.

You can type and add your URL link on the autobio section below of your FB cover base on your social media interest. And add your featured promotional image below in your website link.

Your Facebook account is your digital face, meaning if you use it for doing fraud online it is you facing facebook jail for violation of any privacy. For my suggestions to be true on your Facebook account. Don't hide your information or use another person's name and information. 

You can write your suggestions and comments below on this post. Thank you.

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Your Facebook account may you use for your online presence for your business. Either you're an online entrepreneur, cryptocurrency inves...
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