How To Open Spam Folder Of Your Gmail Account

 Where is my spam folder? Where to find, and clear the spam folder, and mark the messages as not spam.

Gmail spam folder is hidden in your account, all messages that could be determined as spam will go here in this folder. Whether it is junk mail, phishing scams, or suspected files, a spam folder is great to handle your messages and keeping your inbox clear for unwanted emails or messages.

This folder is designed to manage your spam messages without even opening them. All messages here will be deleted after 30 days. So you don't need to manage it by yourself manually. But there's a time that you need to open this folder for a very important reason. So that's why this folder is hidden in your Gmail account. There's a time you need to delete the messages or clear your spam folder for a reason or giving more space in your account.

So here's below are how to find a spam folder, whether in your windows PC, MAC, Android Phone, or mobile apps.


1. Open the browser and type the URL as

2. Login using your email address and type your password.

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

3. Once you're now login to your account, just scroll down until you will find the MORE link same as the image below. 

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

4. Click the MORE link at the left portion of your account.

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

5. Click now the SPAM link, all the messages will display on the center after you click it. Now time to do something like stated below here.


How To Delete And Mark Spam the Messages

You need to do some tasks here in order to clear your spam folder. You need to decide what email messages are spam and what messages are important. The image above has arrows to point out the functional button for the decision of your messages.

1. Select the messages you need to remove or mark as spam.

2. Then if you want to delete the messages forever click the DELETE FOREVER button above.

3. If you want to mark as NOT SPAM select the messages and click the not spam button above.

4. If you want to clear all the messages or delete them all in a single click, click the DELETE ALL SPAM MESSAGES NOW.

That's all about this post, be careful about selecting your email messages before to go on deleting them. Just leave a comment below or type your question in the comment bar below. 

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 Where is my spam folder ? Where to find, and clear the spam folder, and mark the messages as not spam. Gmail spam folder is hidden in your ...
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