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Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard


Pi Network Application It's Now Available For Windows and Mac Computer

Pi Node For Windows And Mac Download

 Pi Network application is a cryptocurrency data mining using your mobile phone that you'll enable to earn income using the pi coins that can be converted to different currency once the wallet will be given. Many are waiting to convert their Pi coin income to convert into money. And many are thinking if this application is still going in the cryptocurrency mining business that it has 10 millionth active users worldwide.

Now this time, it is not only using your mobile phone for mining using the application. Instead, you can use also your computer. Like the laptop and desktop computers that it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. 


  1.  Open your browsers.
  2. Then click the link here:  Pi Node For Computers
  3. Then select either Mac or Windows, it depends on your computer operating system.
  4. Select your download destination.
  5. Then click to save the installer files.
  6. Then wait until the download is finished until 99.2 MB file capacity.

How To Turn On Bitlocker To Protect Your USB Flash Drive Data

Bitlocker is very useful security of your USB flash drives important data. If your USB drive has a multiple of data that you need to protect it so that nobody can read it when it got to lose. Or somebody opens it without your permission. Your USB drive is the easiest way to store your data and it is very handy to carry on it. But the disadvantages, it's easy to lose and easy to use or access if there's no protection.

Bitlocker is one of the tools or features in your Windows 10 and Windows 7. This is used to protect your important data by encrypting it. And it is easy to use, you can access it by using the right click of your mouse to your drive you want to encrypt.

Below is the guide on how to set up it using your Windows 10 computer.


NOTE: To make sure that your important data have a backup, copy your important data to another drive. Then if the encryption is finish, copy your important data into the encrypted drive.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

1. Insert your USB Flash Drive that has important data.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

2. Right-click on the USB flash drive you want to encrypt. Then click "Turn On Bitlocker".

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

3. Wait until the initialization is finish.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

4. Select option, "Use a password to unlock the drive". Then create your password, follow the instruction written on the image above here. Then click the next button if finish. Write down the password so that you can have your reference if you ever forgot it.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

5. In the next window, select on the selection, I recommend selecting "Save to a file". Or either of the two if you have one. Remember Windows 10 will give you a destination window so that you can select what drive you can save these recovery files. Remember this is very important because whenever you forgot your password you can use this to recover your files.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

6. If you read on the next window, "Your recovery key has been saved", proceed to click the next button.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

7. In the next window, select the second option, follow the image above here. Then click the next button.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

8. Then click the "Start encrypting" button.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

9. Wait until the encryption is finish.

Setup Bitlocker to Protect Important Data

10. When you see a notification window that the encryption is complete, click the close button. 
11.  And now you've finished the encryption of your USB flash drive with important data inside.

NOTE: After the total encryption is finish, you can remove your USB flash drive and then reinsert it again in the USB port. Then try to open your drive, follow the procedure below here.


Unlock Your USB Flash Drive

1. Double click the USB flash drive on your computer.
2. Then the window field where you can type your password is on the right side top of your screen.
3. Then click unlock.

NOTE: To make sure that your important data have a backup, copy your important data to another drive. Then if the encryption is finish, copy your important in the encrypted drive.

Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Parts And Functions

 Learn the parts and functions of the Microsoft Office Excel 2016 version.

In this post, you will learn and familiarize the Microsoft Office Excel window you're using that installed on your computer PC. The followed images below are labeled and try to explain them one by one to let you know and explain them to you.

This version is one of the new versions of the Microsoft Office application, and this is the Excel 2016. From this version to office excel 2007 is identical. Only the office button of the 2007 version. Unlike the 2016 version have a BACKSTAGE view and all the link menus are build on this part. 

The parts are explained one by one below here.


Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Backstage View

Here on this part show on the image is the backstage view of Microsoft Office Excel 2016. Here you can easily look at your recent save files and easy to click and access them. You can easily select your favorite needs templates and you can easily search them on the internet using the search bar above. And you can log in to Microsoft for a better experience in using Microsoft Office  Applications. 

Microsoft Excel 2016 Parts Use and Functions

1. QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR- This is the collection of commands link on this toolbar that you can easily click and access. The most common command that you can easily use in a single click is the save, undo, and redo command button.
2. TAB MENU- It's the main header of the command ribbon, it is also called tab ribbon. It's Tab ribbon of 9 groups of commands called: FILE, HOME, INSERT, PAGE LAYOUT, FORMULAS, DATA, REVIEW, VIEW, and the hidden is called FORMAT. There are three buttons on the right side, it is called TELL ME, SIGN-IN, and SHARE.
3. NAME BOX- This part is beside the left of the formula bar. It is used to tell the cell references of the active cell, it a location of the action along the area of the worksheet.
4. SELECT ALL BUTTON- These parts are used to select all the cells of the area of the active worksheet. If you click this you will notice that all the data location along the intersection of columns and the rows are selected.
5. ACTIVE CELL- It's and triangular form and a movable part. It will move using your arrow keys on your keyboard and click on the mouse along on the worksheets area location of columns and the rows. Once the data is selected using your mouse or keyboard arrows, you can edit the data or analyze and calculate it.
6. AUTOFILL TAB- This part is a part of the ACTIVE CELL, it's a square and tiny in form. But its function is magical. It can calculate and hundred of data along with the columns or on a row by dragging using your mouse.
7. ROW HEADER- It's a series of numbers located on the right side of worksheets. It's the header of the rows to identify its location of data.
8. STATUS BAR- It's a part that will display the calculation using the formula and instructions. It's located below your worksheets.
9. TAB SHEET- It's a tab used to make worksheets, users can create more worksheets in a single workbook. All you need is to click the NEW SHEET BUTTON.
10. NEW SHEET BUTTON- Click this button and it will create new worksheets.
11. WORKSHEET AREA- It's a big part of the excel environment, that compose of gridlines both vertical and horizontal lines to create the intersection of data.
12. HORIZONTAL SCROLLBAR- It's a bar located at the bottom of the user interface. It is used to move the worksheet left to right.
13. VIEW BUTTONS- It's a three buttons position below and right side of your screen. Once it clicks either will change the view of the worksheets from NORMAL, PAGE LAYOUT, PAGE BREAK PREVIEW.
14. ZOOM IN/OUT BAR- It's a three buttons position below and right side of your screen. It is used to increase and decrease the view size of the screen.
15. VERTICAL SCROLL BAR- It's a bar located on the right side of your screen. It is used to move the worksheet up and down.
16. SIGN-IN and SHARE BUTTON- It's a part located at the top and right side of your screen. It is used to login into your Microsoft account. And the share button also uses to share your documents or file with your friends or colleagues.
17. CLOSE WINDOW- It is used to close Microsoft Excel using your single click of the mouse. 
18. MAXIMIZE- It is used to restore and maximize the window.
19. MINIMIZE- Once you click this tool, it will go to hide the screen in the taskbar. And once you click the MS-Excel icon on the taskbar it will restore again in the same size as the window. 
20. SHOW/HIDE TABS and COMMANDS- Once you click this it will display instructions with a command link. Once you click one of the three commands it will hide and show menu tabs and the ribbon or commands.
21. TITLE BAR- It's a part located at the top, that will display the filename of your file.
22. COMMAND RIBBON- It's the tool located underneath the tab menu. It's composed of many icons that represent the command.
23. FORMULA or EDITOR BAR- It's a bar located underneath the command ribbon. It is used to compose a formula for your worksheets for a certain analysis or calculations. 
24. COLUMN HEADER- It is a group of letters underneath the formula bar. It represents the location of the columns or a header of the data using the columns in order to identify the intersection of data using the row.

These are all the parts use and functions of the new version of Microsoft Office Excel. If you're a beginner at this application, you must better to know and memorize these parts. Before any data analysis and calculations. This application is used to calculate, graphing tools, a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Application, and pivotal tables.

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions just leave them in the comment section below.

How To Open Spam Folder Of Your Gmail Account

 Where is my spam folder? Where to find, and clear the spam folder, and mark the messages as not spam.

Gmail spam folder is hidden in your account, all messages that could be determined as spam will go here in this folder. Whether it is junk mail, phishing scams, or suspected files, a spam folder is great to handle your messages and keeping your inbox clear for unwanted emails or messages.

This folder is designed to manage your spam messages without even opening them. All messages here will be deleted after 30 days. So you don't need to manage it by yourself manually. But there's a time that you need to open this folder for a very important reason. So that's why this folder is hidden in your Gmail account. There's a time you need to delete the messages or clear your spam folder for a reason or giving more space in your account.

So here's below are how to find a spam folder, whether in your windows PC, MAC, Android Phone, or mobile apps.


1. Open the browser and type the URL as gmail.com.

2. Login using your email address and type your password.

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

3. Once you're now login to your account, just scroll down until you will find the MORE link same as the image below. 

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

4. Click the MORE link at the left portion of your account.

How To Open Gmail Spam Folder

5. Click now the SPAM link, all the messages will display on the center after you click it. Now time to do something like stated below here.


How To Delete And Mark Spam the Messages

You need to do some tasks here in order to clear your spam folder. You need to decide what email messages are spam and what messages are important. The image above has arrows to point out the functional button for the decision of your messages.

1. Select the messages you need to remove or mark as spam.

2. Then if you want to delete the messages forever click the DELETE FOREVER button above.

3. If you want to mark as NOT SPAM select the messages and click the not spam button above.

4. If you want to clear all the messages or delete them all in a single click, click the DELETE ALL SPAM MESSAGES NOW.

That's all about this post, be careful about selecting your email messages before to go on deleting them. Just leave a comment below or type your question in the comment bar below.