How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account, Detect Scammer

Facebook Fake Account

It's very important to discover/notice these fake accounts in your Facebook account. WHY? Someone with a fake account is LIKE a DANGEROUS HACKER. The reason behind this fake account might be as harmless as you played a mind bombing game. They search for an online relationship (a company runs to utilize the authority of an internet dating organization). Simply burning through your valuable time and made a hassle to you. They want you to become more acquainted with you better - desolate or have another motive. For example, getting cash from you, merchandise, property, or setting you up and take your personality or significant data from you. That they can use to control another person. It happens constantly and Facebook is a well-known spot for tricksters to hang out.


1. NAME: Profile name is very important, If you don't have a clue about the person's account, make sure that it has mutual friends or recognize by yourself that you have mutual friends in common. Think wisely and scrutinize twice and check their account before accepting and tolerating their demand.

If you are as yet not certain, pose a few inquiries like... What makes them need to be your Facebook friend? How could they get your profile information? Think about how they will answer you, then decide if you want to add them as your friend.

If that (newly mentioned companion) account has some common companions, at that point contact your companions and get some information about them.

Check always if there are mutual friends and you recognize them, you can ask them about the personal profile if they are legit or not. If they are legit you can check this part.

2. PROFILE PICTURES: The following information below is to check the profile and the cover image of that account. This additionally helps you to identify if the account is fake or not, legit or not.

Profile And Cover Photos Commonly Use For Fake Accounts:

  1. They used photos of beautiful women and men's s-sexy photos.
  2. Sometimes they use generated photos (AI) of men, women, and children.
  3. Some portraying luxurious cars and multi-billion houses.
  4. Profile photographs of artistic creations, animation characters, pets, and so on. 
  5. Photos of individuals wearing military uniforms.
  6. Photos of health care personnel, nurses, and doctors, and so on.
  7. They can even make a logo as their profile pictures and cover that same to the legitimate account.
  8. You will notice no credible account due to suspected images and posts.


  1. Check whether this account is made earlier and use the original name. Some use the name of dead actors and heroes.
  2. Check the civil status, if he/she is married, single, widowed, single mom, single dad, or belong to LGBT.
  3. Check images if it's posted on the same date or even this apart.
  4. Check whether the author or the owner uses a shared post. No original post I mean.
  5. Check whether they post images of the related social life with their wife and sons.
  6. Check whether he/she has photo albums and videos.
  7. Are there any comments or engagements in their post or contents?
3. GIVE THOROUGH CHECKING ON THE PROFILE AREA:  Read their profile carefully, check status, and the about section. Common to the fake account, the important information is hidden and they not write more important information about them.

4. CHECK THE FRIEND LIST- Make sure that all of their friends are set in public and the number of friends and mutual friends. And both women and men are there. And if the friend-list is set to the public this account is legit, not fake.

5. DON'T ACCEPT THE FRIEND REQUEST: If you feel not easy for you? and much suspicious said in your mind, turn down the friend request. If you suspect much to the person that is a scammer or hacker that made fraud on the internet, you can report it to the Facebook authority. Or simply you can block that person.


If you got something here to learn the above tips, you made yourself a strong depends on whenever you got more turnaround friend requests every day. If you encounter a suspicious account and you can read it back here to guide you whether the account is fake or not, legit or not, or scammer. Facebook is not a race of gettings more thousands of friends but to get the correct number of friends on the same niche.

You can just correct me if this post is correct or there is lacking. You can write it below and tell me what are those in your mind. Keep in tune with us...  

How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account, Detect Scammer combinebasic 5 of 5
It's very important to discover/notice these fake accounts in your Facebook account. WHY? Someone with a fake account is LIKE a DANGEROU...
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