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How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook Or Switch To New Facebook

New Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media community on the internet or the social media portals of the world with billionths of members. Facebook has several apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, and more. But aside from being have their apps ready for smartphones, people or social media users still use their Facebook account, and they happy to use it every day. 

As Facebook got more age on social media on the internet, we expect more changes and updates to be rolled out. There are changes that may happen before Facebook users only can share their thoughts on its timeline. But this time also you can access its portal of the market place for your shopping. However last updates on this year 2020 came out with the new look, which called "New Facebook" and the old called Classic Facebook. Due to these recent changes, there are some features of the old version is not available on the new version. If you got in trouble with these new changes, you can still switch back to the old version and or back to the new version. If you're wondering and to switch back, below are all you need about.


If happen that after you log in your personal FB account was changed to a new version. Then there are some features that are not available that you need to use. Or anything that you need to manage one of your business pages. Below are how to switch back from the new version to the old version.

Switch To Classic Facebook

At the blue bar top right side, you can click the small triangle. Then click "Switch to classic Facebook". Or if there is no command to Switch to classic Facebook. You have business pages that need to manage. Just open your page. Then on the left side below of the profile picture, you can click the "Switch to classic Facebook"./ According to the instruction, you have 24 hours to manage your pages using the old version.


If happen that you want to switch to a new version of Facebook. Just follow the guide below.

New Facebook or the new version

After you, login or you change to Classic Facebook. Then you want to change to a new version, you can click the white arrow or the small triangle on the top right side. Then click the "Switch to New Facebook. 

Changing these versions from old or to new, there are some settings that you need to update. example the settings and privacy and some important details of your timeline that need to update. Optimization of your personal account also needs to maintain.

You can check the below link on how to OPTIMIZED.

How To Optimized Facebook Account

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