How To Get Wallet Address?

How To Get Wallet Address Using wallet address is the easiest way to send money to you using your Coins. ph account. If you're an online marketer or a business entrepreneur and working online, coin. ph is the most available and trusted money courier site. You can send or they can send you in Bitcoin payment or dollar currency using your mobile phone gadgets or your personal computer (PC).

Here you can go this is very simple, you can use your mobile phone or PC. Follow the steps given below here. 


  1. Open your computer
  2. Then use your Chrome browser, then type on the address bar, the URL
  3. Press the Enter key
  4. When the interface site display on the screen,  click on the login link on the top right side on your screen.
Login Using Mobile Number

5. Login using your mobile phone number and password. Note: you can use your verified email address

Enter Verification Code

6. Type here your verification code that was sent to your mobile phone. Then click the verify blue button.

Click Wallet Address Icon

7. When you successfully enter the interface of your account, you need to find the small icon of your wallet address. Just see the red arrow I point it out on the image above here so that you will identify it. Then click on that small icon.

Show my PHP Address

8. After you click the small icon of your wallet address, it will pop-up a small window or box. Click the blue-button called "Show my PHP address.

Copy Wallet Address

9. Next another pop-up window will show on your screen. This is the last part, you need to click the blue button to copy your wallet address.

10. That's all and you're done.

In using your coins. ph and providing your wallet address to other people on the internet, you need to apply also safe guidelines. You know that the internet this time is the field of scammers or fraud criminals. Be sure about it and know your transaction wisely.

For your comments and suggestions, please it in the comment bar below. Or use the forum page on this site.

How To Get Wallet Address? combinebasic 5 of 5 wallet address is the easiest way to send money to you using your Coins. ph account . If you're an online marketer or a busines...
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