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How To Setup Memorialization Settings In Your Facebook Account

Facebook Memorialization Settings

Have you ever wonder who will own your Facebook account after you will pass away? In new Facebook, one of the features included is called "Memorialization Settings and Your Legacy Contact". This feature is under in your "Setting's and Privacy" that you can access and setup if you can decide now or accept that we don't know our time will pass away. And there are people or friends or your loved ones who will own or manage your account.


  1. Manage tribute posts on your profile, which includes deciding who can post and who can see posts, deleting posts, and removing tags.
  2. Request the removal of your account.
  3. Respond to new friend requests.
  4. Update your profile picture and cover photo.
  5. Your legacy contact can only manage posts made after you've passed away. They won't be able to post as you or see your messages.
To be practical and accept that you don't own your life and you're strangers of this world and all of us will pass away. 

Follow the below instructions on how to set up these features. There is a red arrow so that you can identify where to click it.

Settings and Privacy
1. Open your New Facebook account, and at the top right side of your screen click the arrow down button. And click Settings and Privacy.

Settings and Privacy
2. On the drop-down list, click the Settings link.

Memorialization Settings

3. On the next page click on Memorialization Settings

Your Legacy Contacts

4. In this "Memorialization Settings", there are options that you can use, you can add your friends to the add bar provide. Secondly you can request total deletion of your FB account.

Legacy Contact_Add Friends

5. Type of the bar provided, it will list down all your friends and you can select and click the person.

Request Deletion After You Pass Away

6. If you want to totally delete your FB account, you can click the "Request your account be deleted after you pass away". Then click on the pop-up windows the "Delete After Death" button.

If you own a Facebook account and this account is very important. Because this account is used in your business. So this new Facebook is for you, you need a legacy contact, it's like a well of testament. You need a person that will own or manage your account whenever the day will come that you will pass away.

Drop me "YES" if you a too practical to accept the truth in life.

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