What's Inside of All-In-One Computer

Internal Parts of All-In-One Computer

This new type of Desktop PC design is integrated with all the components of a traditional PC. It's vertically set in your table. And there are no other devices to compose the one unit PC, except with the keyboard and mouse. Meaning the system unit, speaker, camera, and LCD monitor screen is pack in one box to enable the different application work with the operating system.

Different ports to interface new peripherals like USB ports, LAN port, audio jack, DB 15 or VGA port, and rs-232 are available for connections, including the WIFI connections for your internet needs.

The purpose of this post is to let you understand the internal parts of this type of PC and to let you know the functions on it.

Below are the internal parts and the use and functions:

  1. MOTHERBOARD or MOBO- It is the mainboard of this type of computer, where major connections of processor chip, RAM, HDD, I/O ports, and WIFI Adapter cards interfacing on this printed circuit boards. The I/O ports are PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for any USB devices like keyboard and mouse, RS-232 port for any devices that uses serial port connections, LAN port for internet connections using WIRED cable or UTP cable, audio jack for your headset of MIDI devices.
  2. LEFT and RIGHT SPEAKERS- It is a small box use to output the voice audio, like YouTube and movies.
  3. WIFI ADAPTER CARD- It's a small circuit board use to receive the incoming signals from WIFI providers or internet providers.
  4. REAR PANEL USB INTERFACE BOARD- It's a USB port at the back of this type of PC where you can use to connect a USB flash drive or other USB devices. 
  5. RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY or RAM- This is a small printed circuit board, commonly DDR3 or DRR4 compatible 4GB capacity. 
  6. SATA SOLID STATE DRIVE- This is the main storage of this type of computer, they use the SATA interface and the solid-state drive or SSD. 
  7. MICROPROCESSOR CHIP- This part handles the big processing of calculation of data. It uses the Intel processor which is compatible with the motherboard and the RAM.
  8. FRONT CAMERA- It's a built-in front camera installed at the center of the LCD monitor screen case. That has also high resolution of up to 1080 pixels.
  9. THERMAL HEATSINK- This part is a combination of a cooling fan and the metal alloy that absorb the temperature from the processor chip. So that the processor doesn't take the over-temperature that cause to slow down the processing.
  10. LCD POWER INTERFACE BOARD- This is the circuit board that processes the voltage output to power up the LCD monitor.
  11. M2 SSD SLOT- This is used to interface the M2 type Solid State Drive or M2 SSD. Its another type of storage that uses a Nand Microchips to stored data. 

All in one PC or computer is better than a traditional PC. It's easy to set up in your table because all connections in order to run the application are built-in in one package. No need to connect data cable from the monitor screen to a CPU, speaker, and camera. It's a specific design for your all computing needs. And this is slim and compact, easy to handle and arrange in your table on in other locations of your office or home. 

For the operating system, it's compatible with Windows and Linux. And have better functionality in processing applications and compatibility. And it has a high speed when in use on the internet.


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This new type of Desktop PC design is integrated with all the components of a traditional PC. It's vertically set in your table. And th...
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