7 Types Of Malware That You Need To Know

7 Types Of Malware That You Need To Know
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Malware is common to computer users, and it's a very rampant word of social media and the internet and others seeking help to rescue computers, networks, data, documents, photos, and even videos. These viruses will make your computer data and files not accessible to you. And make your work stagnant and your privacy became vulnerable to others.

Malware viruses is a short name for malicious software with a different strategy and coding tactics. It's malicious software variants of viruses, and spyware and the most rampant this day is ransomware. Develop by fraud expert attackers which they made as authors who develop this genius type of viruses. They design this to cause extensive more damage to your data, network connections, access unauthorized login to the system, or even tricks for hacking or cracking a system or your login passwords.


Malware infections to your computer make a different way by making deceptions to computer users, like putting the virus code to downloadable files from internet sites. This will make payloads of malware viruses to enter your computer storage and will make damage to your computer system and make your data and files change its structures. The common ransomware is .kasp and .geno, once your computer penetrated your files and data this will become encrypted. And you can gain access again to your data and files by paying ransom demand money to the fraud authors.

Below are the seven types of malware viruses that may infect your computer and networks.


  1. RANSOMWARE- This is a type of malicious software that may infect your computer systems, files, and data by encrypting them and demanding ransom money to make your data became accessible again. This is a type of virus that encrypts data completely and lockouts your computer networks or your computer completely. It's possible to spread by hackers to make demand money to make your data back again or decrypted. NOTE: There are some free decrypting tools for this type of malware, but not all types of variants can be solved, like the .kasp and .geno. This type of variant is hard to fix due to the online keys that keep on the remote servers by fraud authors.
  2. VIRUS- This is a code of hidden software that will harm your computer by inserting itself into your computer systems, programs, and files.
  3. SPYWARE- This is a specialized code designed to make spying on the user's devices by hiding itself into a program or site link to steal credit card numbers, passwords, your internet habits online, and even surfing to your favorites sites.
  4. TROJANS- This virus packed in files or data you downloaded, it will make your computer harmless or pretend to be harmless. It can slow down your computer by duplicating your system files and your data through its hidden destructive functions. And putting your online safety at in dangerous level.
  5. BOTNET- It's a group of infected computers that works altogether, it's internet-connected devices, each one of its devices running one or more bots that control by attackers to perform a large malicious attack or to distribute a denial of service attack, stealing data, spamming or sent spam email, or allowing attackers to enter your device password. And also it can steal your device connections.
  6. WORMS- It's a computer malware programs that can reproduce itself to infect other computers in your networks. It can harm your network's bandwidth and relying on failures of network security on a target computer to access it.
  7. ADWARE- It's an advertising support software and generates revenue by generating online advertisements in front of your user interface program automatically. Underestimate your computer security by serving intrusive and highly harmful ads that may lead to other viruses that cause your computer down.  

All mentions above are the most destructive malware viruses invented. It needs your attention and prevention to avoid being caught. You need computer protections like installing anti-virus and anti-malware software. And prevent yourself from accessing prohibited sites, emails like spam send in your email account. Avoid using other drives that you may not know and run virus scanning constantly and make your computer is updated and avoid unlicensed software to keep your programs being updated like the anti-malware and anti-virus, including the operating systems.


Your files and data are precious, not only to make the safety of this computer stuff but also to make a duplicate or backup to make your data and files available again in case if you're computer being attacked. And fixing is not possible and decryption is impossible. There are many ways to back up your computer data and files. You can use Google Drive and other cloud storage or have a backup to other removable drives.  

If you have comments and other suggestions you can write them down in the comment section of this post below here. Keep safe always...

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Image By: pixabay.com Malware is common to computer users, and it's a very rampant word of social media and the internet and others see...
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