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How To Embed Your Twitter Timeline To Your Blogger Blog

Twitter Widgets 2020

If you have a Twitter account and you have your own website or blog as the blogger blog or you're a new blogger. And want to create or embed your twitter timeline, you can do it now in this year 2020. If you have an old twitter widgets embed in your own blog you need to replace it with the new twitter widgets to comply with the new algorithm of both the twitter and the new blogger algorithm. 

Old widgets can contribute problem of your blog, like the loading speed and javascript modifications. It's better to update right it now to replace the old widgets.

Below is the procedure of how to do it and this is very easy to embed.


Your Twitter URL

STEP 1: Open your Twitter account, then click the home icon. Then highlight and copy your Twitter                    URL.

Paste Your Twitter URL

STEP 2: Open the URL embed interface, or click this link: https://publish.twitter.com/# then paste your Twitter URL you just copy on step 1 procedure, then click the arrow right.

Twitter Embedded Timeline

STEP 3: On the next interface, select and click the "Embedded Timeline".

Twitter Widgets Light or Dark

STEP 4: Click the down arrow button of the bar provided, then select either "light or dark" color. Then click the update button.

NOTE: You can click also the "set customization options" so that you can customize the height and width, look and feel, and the language for your widgets.   

Customization Then Update

STEP 5: After customization, click the update button.

Twitter Widget Publish Interface

STEP 6: Copy the URL code inside the bar by clicking the "copy code" button.

Click Layout Link In Blogger New Interface

STEP 7: Open your blogger blog, then at your new dashboard click the "Layout" link menu.

Click Add A Widget

STEP 8: Under the layout interface, click the "Add Gadget" link.

HTML Javascript Widgets Link

STEP 9: On the list of blogger widgets, click the "HTML/ JavaScript" widgets.

Blogger Widgets

STEP 10: Here on the final steps, paste the twitter widgets code you just copied. Then type your widget's title then click the save button. And you've done.


The importance of these widgets is a big help in promoting your blogger post once you publish it on your Twitter account and can create engagement of your blog. And can increase more traffic on your blog site. All you need is to post unique content constantly to make your blog boosted by Google algorithm and Twitter. And through this, it will create more income on ads.

If you want to publish automatically, you can create account on IFTT so that in every published of your blog post it will automatically publish in your Twitter timeline without log-in your account.

And that's all for this week. Hopefully, we can publish other content on next week that may answer your needs. Kindly leave your request, suggestions, or comments below. 

Thank you and keep safe always...  

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