How To Edit Your Blogger Blog Images Into Webp Formats

Convert Images Into Webp Formats

WEBp formats are the new image formats required by Google's new Algorithm for all images attached to all blogger blog post articles. 

If you're a blogger blog owner and use the PageSpeed Insights of Google and check your blog site SEO performance, you will see on opportunity results. And one of that is the "Serve images in next-gen formats". Most of the blog sites have experienced this kind of failure in using PageSpeed Insights. Every site failed in the real world of Data. This one of the opportunities that Google may serve you the dreams of all blogger owners to one of the rank sites in Google search. And to improve the speed of your site and become optimized.

Here we go how you will edit your images using the IMG2GO and make feel the comfort of editing your images.


Download Blogger Images

STEP 1: Open your blogger account and login using your Gmail account. Once you log in now find and open the post describe of PageSpeed Insights. Then right-click of that image then click the Save Image As.

Save In Your Folder Created
STEP 2: Then save the image on a folder you created. Repeat the procedure of all images that you have in your post. 

IMG2GO Website Image Editor

STEP 3: Open the IMG2GO, type it in your browser address bar.

Click Photo Editor Menu

STEP 4: Click PHOTO EDITOR at the top left side of the interface.

Choose Image You Need to Edit

STEP 5: On the next page, click the CHOOSE FILE button.  You're about to upload the images you have downloaded.

Select Image You Need to Upload to IMG2GO

STEP 6: On the pop-up window displayed in your screen select the image you need to edit. Then click the button below.

Click RESIZE Menu

STEP 7: On the next page, click the RESIZE button of the image editing interface.

Input Image Sizes

STEP 8: Here in this task you need to insert the correct sizes of the images require by Blogger. For my side, I'm using the Pixabay sizes like the 1200 x 853 pixel. You can uncheck the Maintain Aspect ratio, then click the Apply button.

Save and Select Webp for Image Format

STEP 9: Now you're about to download the image you edited. But you need first to click the SAVE AS button. Then on the TARGET FORMATS click the down arrow then select the WEBp for the new format of your image. Then in filename field bar type the new file name of your image. Then click SAVE button. Note: Repeat this procedure in all images that you're edited.

Save the New edited Image Webp Format

STEP 10: On the pop-up window displayed in your screen, type your filename then click the folder where you save your edited images. Then you're done, you're ready now to upload your images into your blogger blog post.


Following the instructions of the Google Page Insights, this  "Serve images in next-gen formats" is the Google opportunities that will help us as bloggers to improve our blogging experience that may return a good ROI and this is the best speed and promote traffic. And may promote our blog as most income generated through ads monetization.

Other formats recommended by PageSpeed Insights results are the JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. These formats are better image compression compare to jpeg and png. And very light in downloading or opening the images using your blog post.

If you have suggestions and comments, you can leave it here in the comment bar below. keep safe always...

How To Edit Your Blogger Blog Images Into Webp Formats combinebasic 5 of 5
WEBp formats are the new image formats required by Google's new Algorithm for all images attached to all blogger blog post articles.  If...
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