How To Optimize Facebook Account And What I Can Do?

Optimize Facebook Account

Your Facebook account is the number one key to make success on your online business as well as your working hard and make serious on it. This social media platform is the number one key magnet to attract more hundreds of likes and comments in every posting you made in your timeline, business page, or community group. And many hungry customers like you would able to join you and never run out of leads that would promote ads.  

To start with optimizing your FB profile, you need to make your profile "PUBLIC" meaning you need to make little changes in your profile account. Go to your profile settings then check whether your account is set to public. If not you need to change your privacy and change it as public. This is very important because those people who don't know you or not in your friend's list will able to see your post, comments, and make your post visible to them and they can let to comments, like, or add you as friends. And make them comfortable in you by reading your post and the way you comment and reply to them.
Facebook Cover Photos and Profile Picture

  1. Make a clear picture from you, it should be clear, looks attractive, and more captivating that could create interest to you.
  2. Create your personal bio and write it in a short line of a sentence that would tell your audience what you can do and serve other people by helping them to solve their problem by giving ideas on how to make money online. 
  3. Fill important information about yourself like the country you're a living, contact information, educational background, website link, and etc.
  4. Make a professional cover photo, incorporate or describe it by using images and text about you and what you can do in your account. Let this cover photo as your personal advertisement of yourself that would captivate when they open your profile.
  5. Make your profile clean the better you can do. Do not make your profile as sales pages.
Edit Personal Details, Intro, Bio


Time to remove any friends that you will see not active and not engaging in your account. Removing this person would add more space for new friends and strangers that can help you and become your business partners in the future of your business. 


Adding friends is the number one goal in your account, but remember when adding friends you need to welcome them as your new friend or make a message to them. Put in mine to make friends you need to FIND, ADD, and MESSAGE.
  1. Working on the same niche is very important, you need to add those people working on the same niche.
  2. Add people that can create influence and have a broad experience and knowledge about online business like Russel Brunson, Wayne Crowe, Keith Stephens, Eric Thomas, and many more.
  3. When accepting friends don't be hurry or add in up without checking their profile. Check them first, don't add people that don't show their original picture, like using the picture of an animal, personal details, and inactive and no post updates. For example, their post was last updates since 2018, remember you need friends that would engage your account.
  4. Don't forget to welcome a message to all your new friends. You can make a voice or videos or via messengers chat.
  5. Be patients of accepting message from your new friends, your new friends can be an online marketer also that promoting their products. You can deal with them in a proper way and have a good relationship and communication.

Content engagement is one of the most important part of your account. This is the way that other people in your industry know better to you and make you expose outside in your timeline. Make this engagement once a day.
  1. Make this content engagement, spend your time even 15- 30 minutes in your vacant time. Make this in the morning and afternoon. If we're able to work this, this will create more engagement even using the messenger.
  2. Make comments to other's content, the reaction is one of the best keys, use the heart symbol, or like their post.
  3. Get responses when there are people commented in your post. This is the way that Facebook will put you in your friend's newsfeed. The Facebook algorithm loves to see you responding and commenting using your comment sections and get you to feed.
  4. Make your comment or response catchable and easily understand. You can add Facebook symbols.


Fresh content is very important in Social Media Optimization (SMO) Facebook will love you in their algorithm if you're constantly posting fresh content in your wall.
  1. Post 1-2 times every day is enough and 6 to 9 hours interval of your post before the second post.
  2. Building authority is one of the key points here. You can share other RESULTS of your teammate's success and your own success.
  3. Create VALUE to your audience, you can do this by posting motivational quotes, write and post other content by your own words. And write your knowledge and share with others needed on it.
  4. Share your LIFESTYLE, this is one of the keys that they will know you better. Make your privacy secure also in this means.
  5. Make INFOGRAPHICS or images in every posting, this will help your post more engaging. can help you on this part.

Creating content is the heart of account even in blogging, social media, and other sites. If you have a beautiful and eye-catching site but the content is not always updated. This site or your social media account becomes useless. Making content is not easy, it needs your skills in writing, experience, knowledge, and the most important is the flow of ideas.
  1. Search on any blogs, like bloggers and Wordpress on the same niche. You can get an idea in this process and write your own idea from the other post.
  2. Attend any webinar training, make take note and understand what they said, and make it in writing and post it.
  3. Search on YouTube channels, there are many influencers publish their own videos that your targeted audience following and watching too. You can keep your attention to the people that have high engagement and followers. You can get ideas also to their post and make content by your own words.
  4. Read books or Ebooks, there are many free ebooks online or buy on it. By means of reading your favorite influencers, this will give you knowledge and experience and put it in writing. And make this writing as your content.


Mastery of your product is very important, when someone asking you, you can answer it correctly that can't loiter your leads. The expertise of your product means it a great value to your audience. Complete and correct information about your product can lead to sales.


Every newbie's online marketers or affiliates marketers need to understand this course. Using this idea in using social media is a great help in bringing organic leads and sales without using paid ads for yourself. Facebook is a good platform in terms of advertising yourself for your business.

This advantage to you by implementing the above guidance even in 1 week through your effort will bring you more leads and sales. Then you can show or share with your friends that this really helpful to your success online.

Remember also that your effort is the most valuable thing in online business rather than to quit.

 Have a good day to all of you brother. And always keep safe...

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Your Facebook account is the number one key to make success on your online business as well as your working hard and make serious on...
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