Two Best and Affordable Data Recovery Tools | USB Stick

If you got a problem with data inside your drive, either USB or any other drive mount on your computer. Then your data is hard to open or damage, this needs attention from you. Either it needs to recover or leave it not recover at all. But recovering data needs a budget, maybe a high price for the data recovery service. And of course, if you want to recover it by yourself only I can give you recommendations on what tools you need that you can afford to provide to try to recovery your important data. Below are the Amazon’s Affiliates Products that I can recommend to you: 


1. CS LABS Data Recovery tool & software compatible with Seagate HDDs FW-FXR DfS FileChecker SATA

CS LABS Data Recovery tool

These tools will provide you great help in providing data recovery of a drive of all Seagate drive. These tools will work on the computer using the USB drive and the software built-in on this product. It can perform diagnostics on failing drives that help the data technicians and Engineers to find what the problem that causing the drive not to access the data inside. Help to predicts the common problem of the drive like the conditions of the head, the distribution of the bad sectors, the drive reallocation, and the reading speed per head, and this displayed in graphical forms that allow the diagnostic software to speedup. Other facts about this product that you can read it below here:

  • DfS can help you recover up to 80% of Seagate HDD data recovery cases (with the additional usage of data recovery software). Practically all common firmware issues (that not require component replacement) can be repaired with proper use of DfS. If the drive has other issues DfS will help you recognize it and through the head diagnostics feature the technician can decide if he will try to recover the data with some software or imager or if he should outsource the drive to a more advanced laboratory.
  • FW-FXR and DfS are the only complete kits on the market providing not only the USB adapter but also all needed accessories (HDA connector masks and screwdrivers) and dedicated software (works on Windows XP, Vista, 7) and step by step instructions in order to complete the repair of your HDD.
  • Considering that Seagate HDDs give a great number of firmware issues practically half of Seagate data recovery cases can be recovered directly with proper use of the toolkits.
  • Features: Check Heads Condition. Check Bad/Reallocated Sectors per Head Record and View Boot-up Seagate Terminal Messages Fix 7200.11 Busy Bug Correct Zero Capacity Error Get Drives-Firmware-Temperature Information Test Read Speed per Head
  • The Kits include 1 X DfS and 1 X FW-FXR USB adapters which connect HDD with the computer (color might be different than the one in the photo). 2 X HDA connector masks (100% made out of recycled material from laptop LCD panels) 2 X USB FLASH sticks with drivers, software, and instructions for Windows XP (suggested), Windows Vista, Windows 7 2 X screwdrivers 2 X container boxes.
For the more information about this product price and how to purchase this, just click on this link: ➡



Another great tool that I had found is Parabent’s Data Recovery Stick. The price is lesser than the CS LAB. The best and the great difference of these tools, it can perform data recovery of all types of drives and all types of data stored in your drive. This drive uses USB tools and a firmware stored in the memory stick and works in your computer once you inserted in USB ports. See the image below here: 


Here in this software will manage you how to recover data after you plug-in your Parabent’s Data Recovery Stick. You can select your data drive that failed to show or any data that damage or deleted. See the below facts of this data recovery tools:

  • Deleted Data Recovery - Recovers from Windows computers, USB drives, external drives, memory sticks, and any mass storage device that mounts as a drive.
  • Recovers Photos - .JPG, .BMP, .PNG, .TIFF, .EMF
  • Recovers Office Documents - .DOC, .DOCX (up to 2007), .XLS, .XLSX (up to 2007), .PPT, .PUB, .VSD, .MDB, and Open Office Documents.
  • Recovers Other Documents - .PDF, .RTF, .CHM, .HTML, AutoCad.
  • Recovers Music - .MP3
If you're interested in these tools and need more information about the price and how to purchase this product, just click the link I will provide here: ➡

Data recovery is easy and makes you interested in working on it. But it needs a lot of patients and understands the error of why the drives not accessing the data. To do the work more compliant you need a tool to work on the data for you. You can manage it and do the right procedure using these tools I shared to you in this post. And I can guarantee you 100 percent that your data will back in your new drive. 

But remember the CS LAB can only use for Seagate drive diagnostic. If you have other drives than the Seagate that you need to recover the data, you need to purchase the Parabent's Data Recovery Stick. 

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If you got a problem with data inside your drive, either USB or any other drive mount on your computer. Then your data is hard to open or da...
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