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How to Fix Slow Rotation of CPU Exhaust Fan

CPU or Central Processing Unit is the system unit of a computer. It is composed of several hardware components inside like the motherboard, processor, RAM, video cards, hard disk drives, or even DVD-ROM. These hardware components need normal temperature so that it can perform normal of the system of the computer. This post with the video I posted here is a guide that will tell you how to fix the exhaust fan that functioning as to take out over the temperature inside of the system unit.

Some of the exhaust fans perform low and no rotation problem. The exhaust fan needs to rotate at least 4,000 RPM. The most cause of the problem is dust buildup and the dry gear inside of the shafting. This part here needs to maintain liquid grease or lubricants. 

Below are the procedures and keep it read and follow or view the videos posted above here.

  1. Prepare the mechanical lubricants or liquid grease spray like the WD-40
  2. Tools removal of the cap cover of the exhaust fan shafting if needed.
  3. Paint brush for dust buildup.
  4. Remove the exhaust fan from your computer case or motherboard cooling fan.
    CPU Cooler Fan
  5. Check if the fan can rotate or no rotation. And check whether the two wiring connections is good or disconnected.
  6. Then remove the rubber cap of the shafting.
    Remove Rubber Cap Exhaust Fan
  7. Then use the WD-40 then spray the shafting then manually rotate the fan. See the video above.
  8. If needed put a small amount of lubricant. 
  9. Repeat the step 7 and 8 until the rotation is freely move. 
  10. You can use any 5 volts or 12 volts DC voltage power supply.
  11. Then don't forget to return the rubber cap of the shafting.
  12. You can clean the fan and remove the dust using the WD-40 and paint brush.
  13. Clear any wire that could block the fan to rotate.
  14. Then test your newly clean and lubricated fan. 
This procedure is part of the maintenance. Apply safety precautions if needed to avoid damage to yourself and to your computer. Like removing the power cord before removing any parts and use goggles to protect your eye. Thank you, see you in the next post and keep safe for yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak. Be a good citizen of the republic and follow the government's effort to contents this virus.

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