How To Fix No Video Of HIK Vision CCTV Camera

The HIKVision CCTV camera is one of the common CCTV cameras installed here in the Philippines. This is widely used for surveillance camera of different households, commercial and government buildings, businesses and even in different streets where traffic needs to monitor.
This CCTV camera composed of different before you can install in it. This includes the following:

  1. Digital Video Recover (DVR)- Serves as the central processing Unit where the HDD drive is installed for the main storage of the covered videos. 
  2. Power Supply Unit (PSU)- This provides the 12 volt output power supply to the different cameras installed in the specific place.
  3. COAXIAL Cable or CCTV Cable- There are different type of this cable like the RJ-59 cable and CAT5 cable. These are used to connect the different camera to the DVR devices. This cable should have two connections, one of the 12 volt connections to the camera and the other one is for the data transmission to the DVR for certain processing and storing the data or the videos.
  4.  Power Jack Adapter- This is used to connect the power supply cable to the power connector of CCTV camera.
  5. BNC Connector or RCA Jack- This is the connector need to fix between the COAXIAL cable for a certain connection of the camera.
  6. Monitor Screen- Use to display the DVR operating system display for the monitoring of the place where the CCTV camera is installed.

The stated above different parts I mention here is have relation how to fix "no video" if you look to the monitor screen of the DVR. These problem I share is not related to the inside of the DVR or on the operating system or the program that managing the coverage of the video. But actually outside of the DVR all involves the connections from DVR, Connectors, CCTV camera, and the power supply. 

Below are the guidelines how to fix this no video of CCTV camera.
  1. Check the DVR is working well and the coverage of the other videos is working. This is assuming that the OS is working normal. But another channel or video has no coverage.
  2. Check what channel has no videos and where the location of that CCTV camera that have damaged.
  3. Then check the BNC connections of the DVR at the back, simply identify what cable of that damage camera. Check the BNC connectors if there are no bad connections.
  4. If they're bad connections to both the ground and the solid wire. You can fix it buy tighten the ground wires using pliers and fix the solid wire by tightening the small screw. 
  5. Check the power supply connections, if this PSU provides 12 volts DC output to the camera using the multi tester or VOM.
  6. Inside the PSU both the connections of the wire have a fuse, this will prevent the CCTV became damaged when there are malfunction of the electrical power. Check if there is a light indicator off. If this light indicator if off meaning the fuse is damaged, so replace the fuse with the same value.
  7. If the above mentioned is totally good, you need to check the CCTV camera is good or not damage. You need another unit of CCTV camera in order to identify the suspected damage camera. 
  8. If the installed camera is damaged, replace it with the brand new unit.
  9. Done.
Installing the new camera to the CCTV cable you need extra careful that you can't damage the replace camera. You need to turn off the PSU before to connect the replace unit.

If you have other questions regarding this post just leave a comment below using the comment section.
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The HIKVision CCTV camera is one of the common CCTV cameras installed here in the Philippines. This is widely used for surveillance ca...
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