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How To Disable Windows Defender Of Windows 10 Computer

Windows defender of windows 10 operating system is the built-in antivirus protection of your laptop or desktop computer. This feature of the windows program to protect any harm like viruses or malware. It protects your data and files and to your browsing in internet. 

But if you think that this program blocking your computer works, like patching a file or installing another program. This is the time to disable this program for a certain reason. But be sure that the program or files you want to patch or install have no virus. Disabling real time protection can damage or lost of your data and files and made your works unstable.

Below are the procedures follow it.

  1. Open your computer or laptop, then click the start button of the taskbar.
    Windows 10 Settings Menu
  2. Then click the settings or the gear icon.
  3. Another windows will display, click the "Update and Security".
  4. Then in another windows, at the left sidebar, click the "Virus and Threat Protections".
    Virus and Threat Protection menu
  5. Then at the left sidebar of another windows, click the "Windows Security".
    Windows and Security Menu
  6. At the left sidebar click the "Virus and Threat Protections".
    Virus and Threat Protection Menu
  7. Then at the center portion of the windows, click the "Manage Settings of Virus and Threat and Protection". 
    Manage Settings of Virus and Threat Protections
  8. Then you'll see a blue slide bar of "Real-Time Protection", which is in "On" position, all you need is to slide it to the left by holding your left mouse button and drag it to the left.
    Disable Real-Time Protection
  9. A pop up windows will display, click the "YES" button to proceed.
  10. Now your Windows Defender is disabled and your done.
Note: If you want to enable the Real-Time Protection all you need is to repeat the procedure. It is recommended to enable again this feature for your own protection, of your data and files. That's all see you in the next post. Keep safe all...

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