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How To Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator Easily

Red On Title Bar Means Not Activated

The activating Microsoft office also is very important, so that you can fully use your office application. But if you're not using a license Microsoft Office, you can't activate your Microsoft Office through online. So in this post you will learn how to activate using offline and using KMS Activator. But we hardly recommend to use the license Microsoft Office for your own safety and protection of your files. But if you have no budgets to buy an original copy and use the pirated this is to help you how to activate it offline.


Download KMSPICO

  1. Open your Chrome Browser or any browser you have.
  2. Then use the search engine bar, then type KMS Activator.
  3. Then click the link KMSPICO download.
  4. When you're in KMSPICO website, find the download link.
  5. After you download it, open the download folder of your computer.

Click Start Button to Install KMSPICO

  1. Open the download folder of your computer
  2. Find KMSPICO file
  3. Decompress it using WINRAR then after open the folder where the file is located.
  4. Then double click the KMSPICO icon.
  5. Then click next button.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions until it will finish 100 percent installation.

Click Start Button and All APPS button

  1. Now after successfully installed the KMSPICO, click the start button below right in your screen
  2. The click ALL APPS button.
    Double Click KMSPICO Icon to start Activation
  3. Then find and click the KMSPICO icon to execute the activation.
  4. Wait until you will heard a audio that the activation is finish.
  5. Now check your MS-Office office if there are no red on the title bar. If there are no red now, meaning your activation is successful.
  6. And you're done now.
In using this activator, not only the MS-Office will be activated. If you're using a Microsoft Windows operating system like the Windows 10, you can use also this activator to activate this version of the OS. But we're not recommending here to use the pirated operating system, if you want more safety in using your computer and your files, we recommend to use the license operating system like the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office versions. That's all keep safe and God bless us all...

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