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Best Alternative Sites That You Can Download Movies During This COVID-19 Quarantine

As the Stay at home or COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine is extended all of us are obliged to stay at home to participate in the government effort to contain this virus. I know many of us are bored in your every home, others are doing TIKTOK to enjoy their selves. And I know if you own computers or SMART TVs you probably view again your movies, that you saw them before. Due to a lack of information where to download different movies. Maybe you arrive in deciding to get an account on Netflix so that you have updates on new movies.

Netflix is one of the best alternative movie download and its complete updates. All the genre or type of movie you want in different languages are available. So here in this post, I will let you know some information about where to download movies you like or favorites. Read it below here.


1. TELEGRAM- Is a cloud base instant messaging tool and also a voice-over  tool that is available as an application that we can download in Desktop computers or PC. Also available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The client can send messages over a heavily encrypted mode. And exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files of any type. To use this application for downloading movies or videos all you need is to download the APPS for Windows or any compatible OS use of your computer. Then after downloading, all you need is to install the application on your computer and follow all the given instructions displayed on your screen. Then after you install it, you need to open your telegram application, then enjoy searching movies you like or favorite. Then download it on your computer and enjoy watching movies with your families. 

This TELEGRAM application is my first recommendation here that you need to use on your computer. As of my best experience in using this, not for instant messaging but also of sharing videos and movies, all I can say is, "This is the best".


2. NETFLIX- Is a site that stored thousands of award-winning a variety of movies and TV shows, movies, and documentaries, that you can enjoy download and watch in your home. Also, you can watch instantly without downloading using your PC, mobile phone, or even on your tablet. But before you can download or watch movies on Netflix site, you need to sign-up or register. And it needs a credit card so that you can pay the monthly payment or pay the premium account. OK if you have money in your bank account or a credit card you can watch a movie here or download it into your computer.

Internet Download Manager

3. Internet Download Manager (IDM)- This tool is used as shareware download manager tools for files, software, videos, or even movies from any download sites. But this is only available for any Windows computer operating system. And cannot be installed on Linux and apple base computers. The best of this tool is, you can schedule your downloading time. And it has the capability to restore download due to the disconnection of internet and power interruption.

This download manager can manage in downloading movies like on YouTube or any other sites that serving movie downloads. All you need is to download this application on your computer and install it. But sad to say that this IDM has a payment or registration after you consume the trial days of this application. 

That's all about this post, I hope this will help you to reduce your boring days in staying in your home like me due to Enhance Community Quarantine that was extended up to May 15, 2020. Let's cooperate guys so that this trial in our new normal life will stop now. And we can go back to our respective jobs. But don't forget to pray in our Almighty Father, he is our great Savior and the great physician. Keep safe always...

Where and How To Download Original Movie Maker 2016 Safely

Microsoft Movie Maker News

Windows Moviemaker or Windows Live Movie Maker is a Microsoft corporation movie editor that was continued after the movie maker version 10 was discontinued on January 10, 2017. And it was replaced with Video Editor (Formerly Microsoft Story Remix) which built-in with Microsoft Photos of Windows 10 version.

Microsoft officially warning in downloading this movie maker software that may contain malware, viruses, or hidden cost. Instead, they offer the new apps in making photos and videos editing using the Photo Apps.

Below is the instruction on how to download the original version of Movie Maker 2016. This version is safe to use and free. You can download it here on this site: TopWin Movie Maker

  1. Open your browser and type the destination site I type above here that you can download this software safe and free.
    Click The Download Movie Maker 2016
  2. Then when the site is open, click the link called "Get Other Software Version".
    Download Movie Maker Classic 2016
  3. Next on the page "Click the Download Button of Windows Movie Maker Classic 2016".
  4. Then after you downloaded it, you can now install this software. Open the download link folder of your windows 10 computer and double the windows movie maker icon. Then follow the onscreen instruction of your computer.
  5. Then your done, you can now start to use this software.
That's all, if you have questions regarding this post, just write them down below in the comment bar section of this post.


You can use it as an alternative to this movie maker editor software like the Cyberlink Power Director. This is also good software for video editing. Keep safe always. 

How To Fix No Video Of HIK Vision CCTV Camera

The HIKVision CCTV camera is one of the common CCTV cameras installed here in the Philippines. This is widely used for surveillance camera of different households, commercial and government buildings, businesses and even in different streets where traffic needs to monitor.
This CCTV camera composed of different before you can install in it. This includes the following:

  1. Digital Video Recover (DVR)- Serves as the central processing Unit where the HDD drive is installed for the main storage of the covered videos. 
  2. Power Supply Unit (PSU)- This provides the 12 volt output power supply to the different cameras installed in the specific place.
  3. COAXIAL Cable or CCTV Cable- There are different type of this cable like the RJ-59 cable and CAT5 cable. These are used to connect the different camera to the DVR devices. This cable should have two connections, one of the 12 volt connections to the camera and the other one is for the data transmission to the DVR for certain processing and storing the data or the videos.
  4.  Power Jack Adapter- This is used to connect the power supply cable to the power connector of CCTV camera.
  5. BNC Connector or RCA Jack- This is the connector need to fix between the COAXIAL cable for a certain connection of the camera.
  6. Monitor Screen- Use to display the DVR operating system display for the monitoring of the place where the CCTV camera is installed.

The stated above different parts I mention here is have relation how to fix "no video" if you look to the monitor screen of the DVR. These problem I share is not related to the inside of the DVR or on the operating system or the program that managing the coverage of the video. But actually outside of the DVR all involves the connections from DVR, Connectors, CCTV camera, and the power supply. 

Below are the guidelines how to fix this no video of CCTV camera.
  1. Check the DVR is working well and the coverage of the other videos is working. This is assuming that the OS is working normal. But another channel or video has no coverage.
  2. Check what channel has no videos and where the location of that CCTV camera that have damaged.
  3. Then check the BNC connections of the DVR at the back, simply identify what cable of that damage camera. Check the BNC connectors if there are no bad connections.
  4. If they're bad connections to both the ground and the solid wire. You can fix it buy tighten the ground wires using pliers and fix the solid wire by tightening the small screw. 
  5. Check the power supply connections, if this PSU provides 12 volts DC output to the camera using the multi tester or VOM.
  6. Inside the PSU both the connections of the wire have a fuse, this will prevent the CCTV became damaged when there are malfunction of the electrical power. Check if there is a light indicator off. If this light indicator if off meaning the fuse is damaged, so replace the fuse with the same value.
  7. If the above mentioned is totally good, you need to check the CCTV camera is good or not damage. You need another unit of CCTV camera in order to identify the suspected damage camera. 
  8. If the installed camera is damaged, replace it with the brand new unit.
  9. Done.
Installing the new camera to the CCTV cable you need extra careful that you can't damage the replace camera. You need to turn off the PSU before to connect the replace unit.

If you have other questions regarding this post just leave a comment below using the comment section.

How To Disable Windows Defender Of Windows 10 Computer

Windows defender of windows 10 operating system is the built-in antivirus protection of your laptop or desktop computer. This feature of the windows program to protect any harm like viruses or malware. It protects your data and files and to your browsing in internet. 

But if you think that this program blocking your computer works, like patching a file or installing another program. This is the time to disable this program for a certain reason. But be sure that the program or files you want to patch or install have no virus. Disabling real time protection can damage or lost of your data and files and made your works unstable.

Below are the procedures follow it.

  1. Open your computer or laptop, then click the start button of the taskbar.
    Windows 10 Settings Menu
  2. Then click the settings or the gear icon.
  3. Another windows will display, click the "Update and Security".
  4. Then in another windows, at the left sidebar, click the "Virus and Threat Protections".
    Virus and Threat Protection menu
  5. Then at the left sidebar of another windows, click the "Windows Security".
    Windows and Security Menu
  6. At the left sidebar click the "Virus and Threat Protections".
    Virus and Threat Protection Menu
  7. Then at the center portion of the windows, click the "Manage Settings of Virus and Threat and Protection". 
    Manage Settings of Virus and Threat Protections
  8. Then you'll see a blue slide bar of "Real-Time Protection", which is in "On" position, all you need is to slide it to the left by holding your left mouse button and drag it to the left.
    Disable Real-Time Protection
  9. A pop up windows will display, click the "YES" button to proceed.
  10. Now your Windows Defender is disabled and your done.
Note: If you want to enable the Real-Time Protection all you need is to repeat the procedure. It is recommended to enable again this feature for your own protection, of your data and files. That's all see you in the next post. Keep safe all...

How To Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator Easily

Red On Title Bar Means Not Activated

The activating Microsoft office also is very important, so that you can fully use your office application. But if you're not using a license Microsoft Office, you can't activate your Microsoft Office through online. So in this post you will learn how to activate using offline and using KMS Activator. But we hardly recommend to use the license Microsoft Office for your own safety and protection of your files. But if you have no budgets to buy an original copy and use the pirated this is to help you how to activate it offline.


Download KMSPICO

  1. Open your Chrome Browser or any browser you have.
  2. Then use the search engine bar, then type KMS Activator.
  3. Then click the link KMSPICO download.
  4. When you're in KMSPICO website, find the download link.
  5. After you download it, open the download folder of your computer.

Click Start Button to Install KMSPICO

  1. Open the download folder of your computer
  2. Find KMSPICO file
  3. Decompress it using WINRAR then after open the folder where the file is located.
  4. Then double click the KMSPICO icon.
  5. Then click next button.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions until it will finish 100 percent installation.

Click Start Button and All APPS button

  1. Now after successfully installed the KMSPICO, click the start button below right in your screen
  2. The click ALL APPS button.
    Double Click KMSPICO Icon to start Activation
  3. Then find and click the KMSPICO icon to execute the activation.
  4. Wait until you will heard a audio that the activation is finish.
  5. Now check your MS-Office office if there are no red on the title bar. If there are no red now, meaning your activation is successful.
  6. And you're done now.
In using this activator, not only the MS-Office will be activated. If you're using a Microsoft Windows operating system like the Windows 10, you can use also this activator to activate this version of the OS. But we're not recommending here to use the pirated operating system, if you want more safety in using your computer and your files, we recommend to use the license operating system like the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office versions. That's all keep safe and God bless us all...

How to Fix Slow Rotation of CPU Exhaust Fan

CPU or Central Processing Unit is the system unit of a computer. It is composed of several hardware components inside like the motherboard, processor, RAM, video cards, hard disk drives, or even DVD-ROM. These hardware components need normal temperature so that it can perform normal of the system of the computer. This post with the video I posted here is a guide that will tell you how to fix the exhaust fan that functioning as to take out over the temperature inside of the system unit.

Some of the exhaust fans perform low and no rotation problem. The exhaust fan needs to rotate at least 4,000 RPM. The most cause of the problem is dust buildup and the dry gear inside of the shafting. This part here needs to maintain liquid grease or lubricants. 

Below are the procedures and keep it read and follow or view the videos posted above here.

  1. Prepare the mechanical lubricants or liquid grease spray like the WD-40
  2. Tools removal of the cap cover of the exhaust fan shafting if needed.
  3. Paint brush for dust buildup.
  4. Remove the exhaust fan from your computer case or motherboard cooling fan.
    CPU Cooler Fan
  5. Check if the fan can rotate or no rotation. And check whether the two wiring connections is good or disconnected.
  6. Then remove the rubber cap of the shafting.
    Remove Rubber Cap Exhaust Fan
  7. Then use the WD-40 then spray the shafting then manually rotate the fan. See the video above.
  8. If needed put a small amount of lubricant. 
  9. Repeat the step 7 and 8 until the rotation is freely move. 
  10. You can use any 5 volts or 12 volts DC voltage power supply.
  11. Then don't forget to return the rubber cap of the shafting.
  12. You can clean the fan and remove the dust using the WD-40 and paint brush.
  13. Clear any wire that could block the fan to rotate.
  14. Then test your newly clean and lubricated fan. 
This procedure is part of the maintenance. Apply safety precautions if needed to avoid damage to yourself and to your computer. Like removing the power cord before removing any parts and use goggles to protect your eye. Thank you, see you in the next post and keep safe for yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak. Be a good citizen of the republic and follow the government's effort to contents this virus.