How To Remove Recycler Virus In USB Drive Using CMD

USB Drive Recycler Virus
Recycler Virus is a virus commonly attack on the USB drive you use, even in a CF card, MicroSD or other micro memory card you're using. This virus will penetrate once you inserted a USB drive into a computer that was affected with this kind of virus.

Once you have inserted you're USB drive you can't open or access your data and files because it was hidden by taking the advantage in autorun features of the windows. This autorun feature causes the programs to start loading once you are plugging your USB drive into the port.


All you need is a virus scanner install in your computer and a little know how in using the command mode or cmd in windows 7 or windows 10.

Run Anti Virus Application

  1. Insert your USB flash drive into the USB port.
  2. Don't open the USB drive, instead run the anti virus application. Be sure to select the drive letter of your usb.
  3.  Click to start the anti virus scanning.
  4. Wait until the virus scanning finish.
  5. After the virus scanning, your files or data inside your USB can't be open because it was hidden. All you need is to open the command mode or cmd of the windows application. Follow the steps below.


Command ATTRIB Using CMD

Using the Windows 7, click the start button then click the search bar above on it. And using the Windows 10 click the search button inside the tashbar.

  1. Type CMD inside the bar.
  2. The windows search will the display the CMD icon using the windows 7 and in windows 10 will display command prompt.
  3. Right click on it and click the "run as administrator".
  4. Then once the black screen will display, there is a command line like this: c:\windows\system32> or c:\windows>
  5. Inside that command line, change drives to your USB drive letter. Follow these steps, assuming this will display on the black screen, c:\windows> type inside here e: then enter. This is how the complete command inside the command line of windows. c:\windows>e: then enter key. The command will force to execute to change into the USB drive. 
  6. Then in the command line of your USB drive letter, example drive e: type the command like this: attrib -s -h -r /s /d , then hit the enter key.
  7. Wait until the command finish the execution.
  8. Once it finish open your USB drive in My computer or My PC icon.
  9. Then delete the other folder like the duplicate and recycler folder. Look the image below here.
  10. Then check if your files inside your drive can be easily open and there are no virus
    Delete Recycler Folder and the duplicate folder


If this command fails and still your data can't be accessible or open update your virus scanner. And review the comment I posted here. or type a comment below on this post so that we can help you to recover your data inside your drive. You can reach at our Facebook page in Combinebasic and Octits Data Processing Services

How To Remove Recycler Virus In USB Drive Using CMD Arnel G. Cartoneros 5 of 5
Recycler Virus is a virus commonly attack on the USB drive you use, even in a CF card, MicroSD or other micro memory card you're usi...
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