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How To Search Creative Common Movies or Videos in YouTube

Videos or movies are demanding nowadays, people they can easily create a video or movies because of gadgets that can buy in online or is a gadget store, like camera and high end mobile phone. The other enthusiast person builds a YouTube channel and upload their movies or videos though their channel created. And when it comes or meet the required views with at least 4000 and 1000 subscriber they can monetize their videos or movies. And they can have their incomes through their channels. 

Movies and videos as per rights of the user of the YouTube and own a channel have rights to their works or videos they own. During upload they can select either Standard YouTube license and creative common license. The standard YouTube license is particularly own by the rightful owner. And can't be reproduced, meaning you can watch it, but you can't download it and use by your own means. And this will create a violation of your account and can be taken down on your own channel. And the creative common license (cc) or a creative common video and movies the creator gives a grant or permission in order to reuse their work but under on a certain condition. 

Through this rights of the different creator, YouTube gives a power to download or use the videos using the creative common and can be used in different purposes. Like the movies that can be downloaded and uploaded to your own channel. And this post will guide you how to search this creative common video and movies, read it below here.

1. Open you YouTube channel and access it using your email account and password. If your new and don't have any account in YouTube you can create your own. Read here: HOW TO CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL

YouTube Search Engine Bar

2. When you channel is open, in the search box, type the title of a video or movie you wanted. Example on my part I search the "how to repair external drive". Then click the search button or press enter key on your keyboard. See the image above here.

3. Once the list of videos is displayed in vertical arrangement, click the filter icon position at the top left side of your screen. Then when the different selection is displayed, find and click the Creative Commons. Then the different creative common videos or movies will displayed vertically.

Select CC Videos or movies

4. Now select videos or movies you wanted and download it. Access here how to download the YouTube videos,  you can check it here How to download YouTube videos and also here: How To Download YouTube Videos


Before you download any videos or movies you selected, double check the license if that is a creative common. To make sure that you can avoid the copyright strike violations of YouTube because of the wrong license you downloaded.

Putting up channel of YouTube in the purpose that you want extra income is a good fore sight. But creating a quality content in order to have a many views and subscriber is not easy. The very safe to have a content is to make your own content not copying or reproducing other works. See it here: How to get more views in YouYube

That's all see you in next post.

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