Major Parts and Functions of Computer Hard Disk Drives

Computer hard disk drives or HDD is the primary drive and the oldest main storage drive of the computer. This type of drive came in two types of sizes. They are 3.5" in size as commonly of the desktop or servers of a computer. And the smallest that have a size of 2.5" inches is the common use of the laptop or a portable computer. This time they are two types of connection interfaces, the oldest one is the IDE or Intelligent Device Electronics. And the new type is the SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. This two-drive is made of a platter which can be seen only once you open the HDD inside the cleanroom. This platter is used to store an instruction or data using a bit or bytes every read and write on a computer.

Learn as you're reading below the different parts and functions.

Parts of SATA HDD

Take notes on this dismantled HDD the remaining parts are pointed using the callout with the name inside.

1. Metal Casing- This serves as the housing of all parts of this HDD.
2. Spindle Motor- This is a high-speed motor that use to rotate the hard disk drive platter to store logically an instruction or data of a computer, example the old model uses the 7200 RPM of rotation.
3. Read/ Write Head- It's a tiny magnetic part attached to the actuator arm that reads and writes the data stored inside the platter.
4. Read/ Write Parking- This is a plastic part that use to park the read/write when upon turning off the computer. Or in the external USB drive HDD after ejecting using the Windows operating system or in any other OS.
5.Actuator Axis- This is a metal pole where the actuator arm is hookup, it's a pole that holds the actuator arm when moving to the platter and back to the parking parts.
6. Logical Interface Connector- It's a part that used to connect the interface signal of the HDD mainboard to the actuator assembly. Whenever the computer is turned on or a user opens the drive, a computer mainboard (MOBO) will address an instruction through the logical mainboard of HDD that connects to the actuator read/ write head.
7. Stopper- It's a plastic part that used to limit the movement of the actuator assembly to the platter and back to the parking part.
8. Actuator Arm- It's the whole assembly of the actuator, from the coil magnets to the read/write head.


HDD Platter

This part is the type made of aluminum and a substrate with the magnetic medium that low data to store in a magnetic pattern with its per platter capable of storing logical data in a million or billion of bytes or BITS on the surface of the platter.


HDD Platter Dust Filter

This is a dust filter of HDD platter, during the high-speed rotation it will collect the dust particle on the surface of the platter.

11. HDD Mainboard

HDD Logical Mainboard

It's a printed circuit board (PCB) that composed of a variety of chips like the ROM and the memory module. There are two types of data interface connectors, the IDE and the latest is the SATA. This mainboard is tasked to manage the storage of logical data according to the specified total size of the drive.

3.5" Maxtor HDD IDE Type

3.5" MAXTOR HDD IDE type 



Samsung SSD PM851 mSATA Type



Drive of computer or main storage of a computer, composed of a variety of types like the IDE and SATA. As of now with the new technology of SATA here comes the SSD type or the solid-state drive that many users told that it's the fastest drive compare to the old SATA type or the platter type. This SSD uses a NAND microchip to store data. And capable also to store data in a million bytes. Data stored here is a precious thing it needs to maintain and take care of your drive. If else your drive will go to expensive service of the data recovery center.

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Computer hard disk drives or HDD  is the primary drive and the oldest main storage drive of the computer. This type of drive came in two t...
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