9 Ways the New HP Spectre x360 13 Will Impress You

HP Spectre x360 13 Works on VPN

HP will always try to outdo itself with every product launch. While we can all agree that they have stalled a bit in the place of innovations for a whole now, the company seems to be back to pace-setting ways with some recent additions to their line-up.

The launch of a Spectre x360 13 brought that to the fore, and we believe there are a lot of reasons to love this unit for what it is, and what it offers.

How about we let the points do all the talking?

1.  Size

There was a time when size was everything for those looking to get a laptop. At this time and age where less is more, HP got it right with the size on the Spectre x360 13.

For those who know the predecessor of this unit, HP achieved a decent 13% shaving in size with a gem-cut edge design and other ergonomic improvements in other places. To buttress that, the laptop comes in at just 2.8lbs with its 13-inch frame.

Speaking of the 13 inches, HP made sure they would not be sacrificing on functionality for aesthetics by going for an almost edgeless screen. Thus, you get all the screen real estate you want.

2.  Screen

Besides the almost edgeless screen technology, HP worked wonders with the Iris Graphics display capability which makes this screen as clear as can be. With brightness levels ranging from 400 nits to 1000 nits, this is as bright as a screen can get – and you wouldn’t even see the least hint of image pixilation on it.

Before we wrap up here, we should probably mention that the screen can be picked up in as high as a 4K OLED panel.

3. Privacy Screen

When using your laptop in public spaces, you have no control over who peeps into what you are doing. In fact, someone could be looking over your shoulder and reading all your sensitive files without your permission.

HP recognizes this to be an issue, so they bring a privacy screen feature with the Spectre x360 13.
You can turn on this feature with the click of a button, instantly whitening out the screen. That way, the contents of the screen are only accessible to the person directly in front (which is you) and obscured to everyone else.

4.  Password management

Good passwords habits are going down thedrain on a daily basis. From using the same password for multiple accounts to setting weak passwords in the first place, hackers are almost never having to work for data breaching tasks anymore.

HP will have none of that, so they bring LastPass on board for their users.

With this software, you get to create strong passwords with the in-built password generating software. These are passwords that will literally take several years to crack, so you know you are secure.
Since you can’t always remember such complex passwords, you also get to store them all in this highly secure app. In fact, you get to log in faster to your accounts with an integration feature you can take advantage of from within the app.

Finally, the app lets you securely enter your payment details onto eCommerce websites whenever you are purchasing anything online.

5.  Online privacy

The fact that HP worked extensively with ExpressVPN to bring the latter company’s software onto the Spectre x360 13 tells a lot about the importance of VPNs in consumer privacy space. HP admits that this will help boost protection against online dangers such as the ones faced by using public Wi-Fi networks. What they didn’t mention is how this is important in kicking against all of the data sniffing and internet traffic monitoring too.

All that, and we still have the obvious advantages of owning a VPN: bypassing geoblocks and circumventing censorships of any kind, among others,

6.  Microphone Privacy

In addition to the privacy screen, HP also introduces an LED button aimed at muting the microphone port of the laptop whenever activated. This tackles consumer concern about their devices being used to remotely listen in on them.

These allegations are not baseless either. The very fact that HP is doing something to fix it shows that there is an element of truth behind microphones being hacked to gain access to private conversations.
Speaking of snooping hacks…

7.  Webcam Kill Switch

It has long been known that webcams can be remotely taken access of. It doesn’t even matter if the webcam app is on at the moment before the hacker takes control. Again, HP dedicates a physical button to toggle the webcam functionality totally off.

Rather than just exiting the webcam app, the kill switch detaches the webcam from the system itself. That way, even the consumer cannot access the webcam unless they toggle it off, talkless of a hacker gaining remote access.

8.  Battery

Lest we forget, the battery on this device is as beastly as the specs that it carries. Power is not an issue in many parts of the world anymore, but what happens when you find yourself stranded without your charger? Or, maybe, you are on the go and have no outlets to connect to? You don’t have to worry about the HP Spectre x360 13, seeing as it offers up to 22 hours of battery life. That is just a couple hours shy of a day, literally!

9.  Specs

I have tried so hard to make this a non-technical piece, and I will continue here.Looking at the spec sheet, though, a unit offering anywhere between 8GB and 16GB of RAM on as much as 512GB SSD or a 1TB HDD is as impressive as they come. Add the battery, 10th gen Intel CPU under the board, screen, body dimensions, the convertibility and more, and we have a winner in this laptop.


As promised, the HP Spectre x360 13 fascinates with its consumer-centric approach to design and features. When the device starts selling, will you also consider adding it to your shopping list?

9 Ways the New HP Spectre x360 13 Will Impress You combinebasic 5 of 5
HP will always try to outdo itself with every product launch. While we can all agree that they have stalled a bit in the place of in...
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