19 Google Spreadsheets Parts and Functions You Need to Know

Google Sheets Parts and Functions
Google sheets or spreadsheets are an internet application using your internet browser. This is one of the Google's free offer when you create your Google account like the gmail. This is an interactive computer application used for any organization, offices, or a group of persons. That they need to analyse a certain aspects of data using the tabular table. And its also an accounting mechanism and storage of data using the free storage offer from Google

This application is like the Microsoft Office Excel, its also a worksheet application, but its offline because it's locally installed in your computer. This application also has a license which you can't fully use this application without the payment for Microsoft subscription. Now without the presence of the Microsoft office, you can use this Google spreadsheet application as the best alternatives.

To make you familiarize and knowledgeable in this application this is a big help to you to learn more.


  1. TITLE BAR- This is the part where you can identify the filename of your spreadsheets and its position above the user interface of this application.
  2. MAIN MENU- Its the main tools that you can use for your application. They are FILE, EDIT,VIEW, VIEW, INSERT, FORMAT, DATA, TOOLS, ADD ONS, and HELP.
  3. RIBBON MENU- Its other tool use for this application, its design as an icon or small pictures inline with its other in a bar. That you can easily select and click after you highlights any data within your spreadsheets or worksheets area.
  4. COMMENT BUTTON- Its a unique built-in feature of this application where you can put a comment inside the worksheets. Whenever you click this button you have two selections either notifications or a comment. When having a group discussion you can easily put a comment or notification to your group mate.
  5. SHARE BUTTON- You can use this if you wanted to sent your sheets to your friends or to your work mates or either to your big boss. You need an email address of the persons who will receive the worksheets of data.
  6. GOOGLE PROFILE ACCOUNT BUTTON- This is a button for your profile account. whenever you want to exchange to other Google products or logout in Google you can click this button. 
  7. FORMULA BAR or EDITOR BAR- This bar that have a Fx symbol at the left is called the formula bar. You can use this to compose any logical formula for any calculation. Like for example A1 + B1, this is a simple formula that will add the data in the column A row 1 and the column B row 1. This is called editor bar whenever you use this bar to edit or change the data inside the table. 
  8. AUTO ADD SHEET BUTTON- Its a plus symbol button that when you click it will create another tab sheet position at the right side.
  9. PAGE OR SHEETS SELECTOR- This is a button once you click all the sheets that you have in your application will list goes up. So that you can select and click a page or sheets you want to display. 
  10. WORKSHEETS OR SHEETS TAB- This a tab button when you click it will display a worksheet. But when you click the arrow down beside it, it will display a list of commands. Example, if you want to delete a spreadsheet, you can click this button and click delete. 
  11. HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR- You can use this button if you want to scroll or move your worksheet going left or right.
  12. EXPLORE OR HELP BUTTON- You can click this button if you want a help outright in your worksheets or get insioghts instantly. All you need is to highlight a data within the worksheets.
  13. VERTICAL SCROLL BAR- Use this tool when you need to scroll or move your worksheet up or down.
  14. WIDGETS SIDEBAR- This is a tools position on the right side panel. This time this is only three applications: calendar- that you can check the date, keep- that you can keep or take notes or get any data from your synchronize data from mobile phone, and task- that you can add your workflow and you can open using the single click and help you remember easily your work.
  15. ACTIVE CELL OR WORKSHEET CELL- This is a rectangle look,  it's a very important, its task to create the execution. Whenever there are changes you want to make on a data it will happen inside on this tool. If you create a formula and execute for a certain calculation this tool will work for you. This tool is the intersection between the column and the row to identify the exact range of data to execute.
  16. AUTOFILL TAB- It's a part of the Active Cell, but it has a separate task. If you want to auto calculate a range of data within a column or a row you need these tools. All you need is to create or form a formula on the first column of row of data. Then point to this tab and hold down your left mouse button and drag it down. Use this tool if you want to fill a date within the column and the row or auto fill a series of numbers. 
  17. COLUMN HEADERS- It's a range of Alphabets or letters represents the number of columns, every sets of data needs a column.
  18. ROW HEADERS- It's a range of numbers represents the number of rows within a column, every set of data needs to identify the specific location with the column or intersection. So that a user can calculate correctly.
  19. WORKSHEETS AREA- The biggest part of the user interface of this application, its composition of vertical and horizontal grid lines represents the intersection of columns and the rows.

So much here, this is a first step if you want to learn how to use this application. The next topic is all about the most basic formula that use for spreadsheets same with the Microsoft Office excel application.


19 Google Spreadsheets Parts and Functions You Need to Know Arnel G. Cartoneros 5 of 5
Google sheets or spreadsheets are an internet application using your internet browser. This is one of the Google's free offer when ...
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