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How To Use Manage Blocking Using The Restricted List Of Your FB Account

Manage Blocking using the Restricted List of your Facebook account is one of the settings found on your Facebook account. This could be one of your privacy settings, in the purpose not to expose your personal post, likes, comments, in one or more selected friend your FB account.

Using these settings does not mean that your communication with that friend you're restricted is cut off. Your communication would continue even though he/she is restricted in your post. And another, Facebook will not notify your friends that you add them to the restricted list of your FB account. Another is, if you share your post to the public, not with your friends only, still they would see your post on your timeline.

Follow the below procedure to start your Restricted List Blocking settings of your FB account. All you need is to open your account and follow the below procedure.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

Inside your FB account, in the right top position, see my image above here, click the down arrow. Then on the menu list click the Settings.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

When the settings menu is open click the Blocking menu position at the left side panel.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

Now the Manage Blocking window will open, click the edit list to select which of your friend you need to restrict.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

In the image above in the Edit Restricted window, click the down arrow, then click the Friends. Then after your friend's profile picture will display inside of this window, select them then click the finish button. 

Now you can start to post, then share it with your friends in your FB account. They will not see your post or your personal post with your restricted friends in your account.

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