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How To Clean Computer Keyboard Including the Internal Parts

If you experience that your keyboard keys some of it not functioning once you press on it. Or if you press it will function, but later on not function. In this case, your keyboard may suffer from dust buildup or there are objects inside your keyboard keys. Or the flex circuit having dust or corrosion that hindrance the keys not to functioning.

So this post will help you how to solve this problem with the keyboard and you will learn how to clean including the internal parts of the keyboard. You will learn also how to dismantle and remove the rubber dome and clean the internal parts.


Upper and Lower Casing

1. Flex Keys Circuit- This is the keys circuit this will contact and give a signal to the motherboard once you press a key or a combination key.

Keyboard Flex Circuit

2. Rubber Dome- This is rubber with a design like a dome, this will give a bounce of the keys once you press.

Keyboard Rubber Dome

3. Controller Board- This is a printed circuit board or PCB, this will give a control signal connection to the motherboard ports.
4. Upper and Lower Casing- This is the casing that houses the keyboard parts.


  1. Philip screwdriver- use to remove the screws that holding the upper and lower case.
  2. Paintbrush- use to remove the dust buildup
  3. Pencil Eraser- use to clean the contact of the flex circuit, including the contact terminal of the controller board.
  4. Tissue or old cloth- this will be used to clean the flex circuit.
  5. WD 40 cleaning solution- use to clean the upper and lower case and remove dirt.


  1. Your keyboard has an upper and lower part of the casing, the screws at the lower part casing. To open your keyboard, remove the screws holding the upper and lower case. 
  2. Once the screws are removed, stays the keyboard in the same position. And remove slowly the lower case. Remember the position of the keyboard, the lower case is positioned on the top after you remove the screws.
  3. Remove the flex circuit, be sure to unscrew first the PCB or the controller board.
  4. Then remove the rubber dome, make sure that you know the position of each of the rubber dome.
  5. Clean the rubber dome, you can use water to rinse each of the rubber domes, or simply use only the paintbrush to remove dust buildup.
  6. Clean each of the contact keys of the flex circuit using the pencil eraser.
  7. Clean the flex circuit using a tissue or cloth.
  8. And use the WD40 cleaning solution to clean the upper and lower case to remove the dirt.
  9. Then assemble the keyboard, return the rubber dome in the same position. And cover it and screws, be sure that the keys will bounce smoothly.
  10. And connect it to the computer CPU port, check the keys one by one, use a word processing or the notepad to make sure that the keys you press are correct.
That's all, you can open also my YouTube channel for this tutorial.


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