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Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard


How To Clean Computer Keyboard Including the Internal Parts

If you experience that your keyboard keys some of it not functioning once you press on it. Or if you press it will function, but later on not function. In this case, your keyboard may suffer from dust buildup or there are objects inside your keyboard keys. Or the flex circuit having dust or corrosion that hindrance the keys not to functioning.

So this post will help you how to solve this problem with the keyboard and you will learn how to clean including the internal parts of the keyboard. You will learn also how to dismantle and remove the rubber dome and clean the internal parts.


Upper and Lower Casing

1. Flex Keys Circuit- This is the keys circuit this will contact and give a signal to the motherboard once you press a key or a combination key.

Keyboard Flex Circuit

2. Rubber Dome- This is rubber with a design like a dome, this will give a bounce of the keys once you press.

Keyboard Rubber Dome

3. Controller Board- This is a printed circuit board or PCB, this will give a control signal connection to the motherboard ports.
4. Upper and Lower Casing- This is the casing that houses the keyboard parts.


  1. Philip screwdriver- use to remove the screws that holding the upper and lower case.
  2. Paintbrush- use to remove the dust buildup
  3. Pencil Eraser- use to clean the contact of the flex circuit, including the contact terminal of the controller board.
  4. Tissue or old cloth- this will be used to clean the flex circuit.
  5. WD 40 cleaning solution- use to clean the upper and lower case and remove dirt.


  1. Your keyboard has an upper and lower part of the casing, the screws at the lower part casing. To open your keyboard, remove the screws holding the upper and lower case. 
  2. Once the screws are removed, stays the keyboard in the same position. And remove slowly the lower case. Remember the position of the keyboard, the lower case is positioned on the top after you remove the screws.
  3. Remove the flex circuit, be sure to unscrew first the PCB or the controller board.
  4. Then remove the rubber dome, make sure that you know the position of each of the rubber dome.
  5. Clean the rubber dome, you can use water to rinse each of the rubber domes, or simply use only the paintbrush to remove dust buildup.
  6. Clean each of the contact keys of the flex circuit using the pencil eraser.
  7. Clean the flex circuit using a tissue or cloth.
  8. And use the WD40 cleaning solution to clean the upper and lower case to remove the dirt.
  9. Then assemble the keyboard, return the rubber dome in the same position. And cover it and screws, be sure that the keys will bounce smoothly.
  10. And connect it to the computer CPU port, check the keys one by one, use a word processing or the notepad to make sure that the keys you press are correct.
That's all, you can open also my YouTube channel for this tutorial.


What is Computer Today? And the Things that are Impossible to Possible

Personal Computer or Desktop

The computer is the highest device made by electronics and its device accepts data, stores data, and processes data accordingly throughout the different resources of the computer. And the computer is used for the highest form of calculation using the logical function. If a computer use on the networks its fetches, received, and transfer data through input and output signal and processing and decoding it to make the information readable by the human being. In a Medical laboratory, computers are used to control any machines so that they can process the patient samples and can give accurate results for the doctors' patients.


  1. Use for Information- Before information of people is not easy to receive, most people depend only on newspapers and magazines and from the people who could tell the information, for example, news updates that came only in a radio stations or television. But through computer information can be obtained using the internet in the world wide web. All the information you want is possibly 100 percent available. If you research there are sites available, for example, wikipedia.com, and if you want news updates there are Google and Yahoo that can serve outright on your monitor screen.
  2. Use for Communication- Before communication is difficult to own by a person because of its limitation and availability. But today people are using the mobile phone as the number 1 device to communicate instantly, even the caller is from another country. In using the computer, before people are using the telegram. That will arrive at the destination in more or list in 7 days. But today, using the computer there are emails that can be used to send or receives email messages instantly. So because of computer, works, business and communication of people in the community became reliable. And became more efficient in their industry and creates more productions and efficient time management.
  3. Use for Exploration- Persons in terms of searching the truth, students and teachers or even other people in society that engage in-depth study like the scientist people. In order to get the truth and discover a certain thing that's beyond our eyesight or out of our knowledge. They need to research and this required exploration. Without computers, they are limited. Example exploring the oil in the depth of the ocean and the exploration of the moon.
  4. Use for Automation- Today, if we notice there are machines used by the different industries to perform a certain task. Like in the medical industry, hospitals use machines controlled by computers. For example in the hospital's laboratory, they are using Chemistry machines to read human serums in order to get accurate results. In government or the military. They are using drones, it's the unmanned aircraft that controlled by computer use by military personnel. Before on the days of Armstrong that landed on the moon. He uses a robot camera to transmit certain information or images to the NASA station. Today we heard that there are industries that produce a humanoid or a robot.  


1. PC or Personal Computer- Before this computer also called a Microcomputer. Because all are based on Microprocessor technology. The processor bandwidth s counted in kilobytes, Megabytes, and Gigabytes. And it can process gigabytes of instructions per second. Today's PC there are two different processors, the Intel and AMD. Both running in gigabytes but have different versions of processors like Intel i7 and Rayzen of AMD. This computer is compatible with Windows Operating systems. Unlike the Apple or MAC computer then uses its own operating system. PC can run multiple known software or programs like Microsoft Office, Internet browsers, Graphics design software, and many more. And the most likely or known to the users are playing games while at home or in the office and also playing favorite movies.


The PC computer is also used to control other machines. So that it can perform to processes a certain task. Example a machine of laboratory, like the chemistry machine that use to store or install its control and processing software. In order to run the machines and processes to get the accurate results of chemistry serums from humans.


  1. System Unit- This device is the main box or commonly called the Central Processing Unit or CPU. The function of this device is housed the internal hardware of the PC and the 3 main hardware, they are the motherboard or mainboard, Memory or the Random Access Memory or RAM, and the processors. The motherboard is also the central sub-assembly of the computer because peripheral or the input and output devices of a computer. And attached to this part including the internal hardware is connected in order to process the information by fetching, decoding, and transmit information via different resources of a computer, for example, the networks that use different communication media. 
  2. Input Devices- Are those devices of computers that have the ability to feed information. The main input device is the keyboard task to enter commands to the computer system. Other input devices are the flatbed scanner, computer camera, and the pointing device or the mouse.
  3. Output Devices- Are those devices of the computer that have the ability to produce information or output it using the monitor screen, either LCD or the CRT. Other output devices are the printer and speaker. 

All In One Computer

2. All-In-One Computer- This computer has the same computer hardware and software using the Windows operating system compatible. The very different about this is the devices like the system is assembled together with the LCD monitor screen to become one unit. And it can be used with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is also capable to receive WIFI signals and also it can connect to the router and other network media devices using the LAN.

3. SmartPhones- Before mobile phones are made by Nokia, users are limited. But because of the advent of technology through computers, the demand became high. Smartphones are considered today as a computer or portable computer the same as a laptop or notebook computer. It's a different type of mobile phone devices that use for multi-purposes. And build with the high capacity of the hardware and extensive mobile operating system like the Android, Windows, IOS. The impossible before that can't handle through mobile experience. Now today is very possible and 99% of the people in the world carry this mobile phone. And information and communication became possible and easy.
4. Laptop or Notebook Computer- This is a type of portable computer, same as PC or personal computer, it is also made of Microprocessor technology. It can process millions or billions of instructions per second. This type of computer commonly uses for mobile purposes. Because I can be put in your lap while on a bus or airplanes. And most recommended in dealing with clients in one on one presentations of a certain product. It can be installed and compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and other compatible OS. And other programs or software required by your job.
5. Super Computer- This type of computer can process trillions of instructions per second. One of the Super Computer is called Summit made by IBM. This is used by governments or use for scientific purposes.


These are the devices of a computer attached to the input and output ports of the computer. Including the internal hardware install in the system unit.

1. KEYBOARD- QWERTY keyboard is commonly used by PC or Laptop. The new computer keyboard is used for gaming. It's a lighted and mechanical keyboard and more durable compare to the rubber dome keyboard. And build with the new technology using the USB connection.

Gaming keyboard

2. Mouse- It's the pointing device of a computer and it's the alternate input device of a computer. Same on the keyboard, it can be connected to the USB port or in a wireless connection. The difference between the old model

Gaming Mouse

3. Speakers- This is an audio output device of the computer. It's used for gaming, playing a movie, or even watching video sites on the internet like YouTube.com  

Computer Speaker

4. Monitor Screen- This device is tasked to display the information coming from a system unit or CPU. There are different types of the monitor screen, they are Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), smart TV, other are touch screen LCD.

LCD Monitor Screen

5. Printer- One of the needs of your computer or by yourself for printing a document, or multiple files, or even images you need a type of a printer. It depends on you or required in your computer task either in your work or in your house. Below is the most common type of printer:

Colored Printer

  1. Dot Matrix Printer- This printer is used for low-resolution output, meaning use only for those documents that purely text and numbers like a receipt. The most common brand is the Epson printer LX-1170. This printer can print multiple pages, it uses carbon to duplicate a copy during printing.
  2. Colored Printer- This printer is used for high-resolution output, meaning the use of both text documents and graphical images like photos and logos. It can produce a clear image and can perform a fast printout.
  3. All-In-One Printer- This printer commonly uses in larger offices or even in the home. This incorporates the fax, printer, xerox copier, scanner, and even can be connected to the networks of the computer for printing. By using this printer it will provide centralized document management, distribution, and production. Some of the printing business uses this printer for multiple xerox copying of documents of their clients.
  4. DGI Printer- It's a Digital Graphics Incorporation, it's a type of printer that use to print large format printouts. Mostly use for textile and tarpaulin advertisement banners.
  5. CAD Plotter Printer- This is used for technical printouts and design, technical maps, or even use in computer-aided design for the engineers.
6. WEB CAMERA- It's an input device that connects the computer and the internet. It can capture pictures and any moving pictures. It is used by the user to capture himself for social media images and video posting or in a chat group camera to camera viewing. It's always connected to the computer and use the hard drive as its storage.

Web Camera

7. Flat Bed Scanner- It's an input device used to capture the entire elements of printed documents and save them into the storage of a computer. It uses an optical device to scan the entire documents.

Flat Bed Scanner
8. Network Switch- This is one of the communication media that use to connect multiple numbers of computers to make a network and sharing of resources like the printer.

Network Switch/ Hub

9. Router- This device is used to route data from the internet or from an Internet Service Provider or ISP to the networks of computers or even in a single computer. It can be connected to a network or to the WIFI card or WIFI adapter of the computer.

Network Router

10. Wireless Adapter Card- It's a device of a computer installed internally to receive the wireless signal from the router device or other wireless devices.

WiFi Wireless Adapter Card

11. USB Wireless Adapter- It's a USB dongle that when inserted into the port of the computer, will function to receive the wireless signal came from the router. Or use by the other network Wireless device like the Digital Radiology Flat Panel that use to capture the image of patient expose by X-ray radiation.

USB Wireless Adapter
12. USB Flash Drive- It's a type of computer storage that has a limited capacity that use to insert in the new connection technology called USB port. It's a handy type that replaces the old type of external storage called the Micro Floppy Drive.

USB Flash Drive

13. USB External Drive- This type of computer external storage uses a laptop hard drive or the 2.5" HDD and enclosure and the USB controller board that will connect to the computer USB port for saving large amounts of data. Instead the internal storage of computer or laptop.

USB External Drive

14. Bluetooth- This is a USB dongle technology that use to capture or receive and communicate with other Bluetooth devices. It is also used to exchange resources like images and documents. And as to connect other devices like audio sounds and external mobile phone speakers.

Bluetooth Dongle

15. Barcode Scanner- This is a special use device and this device uses a laser beam technology that use to capture a barcode print on any products for inventory or in a cashier task. It is also made of USB that can be connected to the USB on any desktop computer.

Barcode Scanner

16. Other information about the system unit or CPU of Personal Computer, kindly link here: What does what in your computer? Computer parts Explained or you can open this link here: The Main Assembly of Computer System Unit or CPU


1. Super Fast Vehicle- We know that vehicle speed counted by kilometer per hour. But because of the computer, Mr. Elon Musk invented the hyperlink train that runs at the speed of sound. It's possible to have a speed limit of 700 mph that travels inside a vacuum tube.
2. Space X Aircraft- It's a spacecraft for space travel or exploration. Funded by multi-billionaire inventor Mr. Eleon Musk in 2002. For the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.
3. The Holy Bible- You know that the Holy Bible is the book of our faith in our God. And it's written on multiple pieces of paper of multiple chapters. This time the Holy Scripture of the Bible is written on multiple pages on one of the internet sites of the Bible. And through this, the message of the Bible is possible now to the whole area of the World.
4. Drones- Through the advent of computers, the innovator or a hobbyist person can build an aircraft made of a piece of metal without a pilot but instead controlled by a computer. One of the first users in the Military. And they can use it as reconnaissance and attack aircraft.
5. Artificial Intelligence- Only God can create a human being and can create a unique intelligence. But this time a human can create a human-like that can perform tasks that normally the human can do. There are Robots this time, possibly they're a soldier, house helpers, teachers, or more or even animals.
6. Climate Change- God creates a beautiful nature and a good environment. But because of the advent of the computer or when the computer was used totally by governments and civilians, almost every human being is knowledgeable. Information became easy, the way of knowledge is increasing, and even the way of life. So their more demands, there are more factories, and this factory uses materials that promote pollution. That can damage the environment that can cause climate change.
7. Surrogacy- It's a process of legal arrangement of a mother to become a pregnant (Surrogate Mother) and give birth to a baby from other persons that would be the family of the surrogate child. The possibility is impossible, but because of computer, the complexity of this process became possible and it's possible today.
8. Digital Radiography- In a medical group or in hospitals like the Radiography department, before they used chemicals to process the lungs images of the patient's capture by x-ray through radiation. Today using WiFi technology and a flat panel detector, they can use this device. And the processing of images and the results are easy by printing only using the computer. And it can process hundreds of patients in a day.
9. In Vitro Medical Laboratory Machines- These are the different types of laboratory machines that use to read and process the different patient samples of the patients. The most common machines are semi and fully Chemistry, Hematology Analyzer, Electrolytes Analyzer, Auto Immunology Analyzer, Biosafety Cabinet, A1C machines, Urine Analyzer, Incubator, Oven. Most of these machines are controlled by computers to make it possible to produce more accurate results than very impossible before.

The Bottom Line

This computer generation is more sophisticated, there is high tech technology surround us. The things that are impossible before, this time it is now possible using the advancement of the computer. What is the improvement next, most especially in the coming years of the digital age? It's now started using computer technology, more advanced computer devices and mobile phones, gadgets and more. Let's learn it's for us and the future. Thanks to Pixabay for all the images used in this post.

How to Customize your PowerPoint Backgrounds for Maximum Impact

The slide backgrounds you choose to use for your presentations have a huge impact on the perceived quality of your PowerPoint presentations.

That’s because adding colors, textures and styles to your PowerPoint backgrounds helps create a more interesting and visually appealing presentation that attracts your audience’s attention and allows you to drive home your message more effectively and efficiently. 

While a good background can make your text and other images pop, a bad or bland background can be distracting and ruin a perfectly good presentation.

Below are a variety of background examples you can use to create new and interesting backgrounds for your PowerPoint presentations.
Image backgrounds

Images can make your slides really stand out and can be extremely powerful in PowerPoint presentations...when used correctly. 

Customize PowerPoint Background

Don’t use a photo or image just because it’s cool, funny, or cute. Every element of your PowerPoint should bring meaning or add value to your message and that goes for the images your select, even those used in the PowerPoint background.

A good background image will allow your text to be readable and won’t distract from the other elements on your slides. Here are a few tips on choosing the right image for your PowerPoint background:

  • Look for ‘whitespace’ which allows you to add your text or graphics
  • Blurred areas help focus attention on whatever else you add to the slide without distracting your audience
  • Images with gradients make good backgrounds for the reasons we mentioned above
  • Textured images keep things interesting

Gradient color backgrounds

Block colors can look flat and boring. Make your PowerPoint backgrounds more visually pleasing by playing with shading and light. 

Right-click your slide, select Format Background, and select Gradient Fill. There, you play about with one or two color gradients, the direction of the fades, and the transparency to create more interesting PowerPoint backgrounds.

 Customize PowerPoint Background

Pattern and texture backgrounds 

Word of warning: when you go to Format Background, you’ll see Pattern Fill...avoid this. These patterns are very basic and look like a magic eye picture and no one wants to stare at that for any length of time!

The option above this is Picture or Texture Fill which will give you much better options.

Customize PowerPoint Background

Again, you can play with the transparency of the patterns to make sure it doesn’t distract from text or other presentation elements. Remember, PowerPoint backgrounds shouldn’t be the dominant feature of your presentation! 

Geometric textured backgrounds

Geometric polygon backgrounds with the right font and graphics look cool, add texture and color and look interesting without being too overpowering.

You can either download from royalty-free photo sites or create your own via such sites as Trianglify Background Generator

Customize PowerPoint Background

Download your own patterns and textures

You don’t have to limit yourself to the default patterns inside of PowerPoint. You can find your own pattern backgrounds and insert them into your presentation slides.

To learn more about downloading, creating, and inserting PowerPoint backgrounds like this, see this article here.

As you can see, creating your own PowerPoint backgrounds that grab your audiences’ attention isn’t rocket science and anyone can do it.

Here are some additional tips when working with your background colors.

Color tips for powerful PowerPoint backgrounds

Keep it simple 

Stick to just two or three-colors for your whole presentation for a clean look. Black and white might seem boring but remember you can always add color later with logos, graphs, and images.

Brand colors

Using company colors in your PowerPoint backgrounds is a great opportunity to build and reinforce your brand in a subtle way. It’s much less distracting than placing your logo on every slide which would also take up valuable space on your presentation.

Color and emotions   

Consider the meaning of colors and the emotional responses you wish your audience to have. 

For example, if you wish to deliver a serious message, then an optimistic yellow background won’t get the right attention or reaction. Instead, go for a dark background, gray or black. 

Be careful with contrast when you use color backgrounds-- make sure your other presentation elements are easy to read.

Fix Chrome Error "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL"


Many of us using the Google Chrome browser, I can say that Chrome is the best browser. That's why I used this for many years. But sometimes we may encounter some errors like this ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when opening other sites like youtube.com. This error happens when your browser encounters errors and can't establish a secure connection over the internet using your internet provider. This may the cause of error settings on your computer and in your browser. What is SSL? you can read it here if you want to learn: SSL is or the HTTPS that you will see in the browser address bar.

Below are the procedures you can use to fix the problem with your Chrome browser.


1. COMPUTER SYSTEM TIME- Update the system time of your computer.

In the taskbar of your computer, right-click the time and date notification.

Update System Time
  • Here in the Date and Time Window, click the "Change date and time button".

Update System Time
  • Here in "Date and Time Settings" change the correct date and time, then click OK if finish.


Every open of your favorite sites it will save on your browser. You need to clear your browsing or delete it. 

  • Open your browser, then click the (dot dot dot) menu at the top right side. Then point your mouse cursor to History. Then click it.

  • In the other window, use ctrl + A to highlight all the sites listed, then click the delete button at the right top of your screen.

  • Open your browser, at the top right side of your screen click the dot dot dot menu. Then click settings.
  • In this "Settings" window click on the search bar then type "proxy" then below on it click the " Open proxy settings"

  • "Internet Properties" window will open, click on the "Content" tab menu.
  • Then click the "Clear SSL State" button.
4. DISABLE OR DELETE EXTENSIONS- Extensions are different APPS you used in your browser. it's your favorite applications you used and enabled in your browser.


  • Click the dot dot dot menu at the top right side of your screen. Then click "Settings".

  • Click the "Remove" button or slide the sliding bar to the left to disable the APPS.

5. SECURITY LEVEL- If the above procedure was not solved, you can check the security level of your computer browser by resetting all zones to default level.

Change Security Level
  • To open this "Internet Properties" window you need to click the start button. Then in the search bar type the word "Security"
  • Then click on the list of links called "Change Security Settings".
  • When this "Internet Properties" window will open, click the button called "Reset all zones to default level".
  • Then check if the vertical sliding bar is in the middle position. If not drag it to the middle, then click apply then click the ok button.
  • Now check if the Error fixed. If not use the procedure below.
6. DISABLE Experimental QUIC protocol- If the above procedure was not solved on the problem you can use this procedure to disable the experimental quick protocol of Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android. Remember this setting of the browser is very important for more security when you're browsing on the internet. If you observe that this is not the cause leave or return it to default.

Disable QUIC protocol
  • Open the Notepad from your computer and type what I write here. Then copy and paste it into your Chrome browser address bar.
Disable QUIC protocol

  • Then click the Default button you will see under the " Experimental QUIC Protocol". 
  • So much here and you're done. If all the procedure above doesn't fix your problem, you can check also the firewall in your control panel and also the settings of your Anti Virus software. 
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