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How To Disable Random MAC Addresses of Lenovo Laptop

Random MAC address or Random Hardware Addresses is one key feature of the Windows 10 operating system. This features manages to control the random changes of MAC addresses (Media Access Control) so that a user of a computer not easily track by other users using the internet connections. But one of the disadvantages, if you wanted to tap a MAC address in a certain application is a headache because you can't set the exact MAC address. Example, if you want to add additional WiFi network security like adding all the WiFi devices MAC addresses on your network. Like the HOME Network using your ISP router, you can't get the exact addresses. So you need to disable first by following the instructions below. Or follow the YouTube video in this post. 


Fix Random MAC Address

1. Open you computer and when you're in Desktop click the start button, then click the gear icon.

Fix Random MAC Address
2. Other windows will open called "Windows Settings", click the Network & Internet menu.

Fix Random MAC Address
3. In the Settings windows interface click the WIFI menu at the left panel.

Fix Random MAC Address
4. Then disable the "Use random hardware addresses" by sliding to the left.
5. And you're done.
6. You need to close all the windows you open and restart the computer or your Laptop to take effect the changes you made in your computer.
7. Now, after you go back in desktop. You back to the Windows Settings>Network and Internet>click WIFI> then click the hardware properties link. And here you will see the correct MAC address of your laptop.

If you have questions kindly leave it in the comment section and or you can open our YouTube channel the combinebasic- Computer help and Information. Bye bye and have a nice day. 

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