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How To Change Download Destination Of Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge a new Internet browser of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It's the predecessor of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). This internet browser is mostly installed in Windows 10 operating system. The new operating system of both computer PC and Laptop. If you own this computer or laptop have you exploring this internet browser? And also have you tried to change the download destination? You can use this if you want to change because the default destination drive is full. Now you want to change to another drive. If you want to, follow the instructions below of this post. 


Change Download Destination

1. Open the Microsoft Edge on your computer desktop by double clicking the icon. When this browser open, click the dot dot dot button located on the right side top portion of this browser. Then click the button called "SETTINGS".

Change Download Destination

2. Under the drop down list menu use the scroll bar. Then find the VIEW ADVANCE SETTINGS button then click it.

Change Download Destination

3. Then find the button CHANGE then click it.

Change Download Destination
4. Then a pop-up window will display, first you need to find a drive where the new destination will apply example, in Desktop, USB External Drive, or in drive D:. Then at the center of the pop up window, right click on the blank, then point to new, then click the folder. Don't forget to type a new folder name. Then name your folder as New download destination. After you created the folder, click it, then click the "SELECT FOLDER" button. 

5. Now you created the new download destination of your computer or in your laptop.

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