How to Uninstall Programs using Windows 10

Are you using a Laptop or PC with Windows 10 operating system? Here is your one task how to maintain your computer operating system. This operating system version is the highest version among of the other old operating system like the Windows 7 and 8. One of the features of this operating system is to remove unused programs that you didn't use.  Or you wanted to remove this program to free space on your laptop hard disk drive for the new programs you wanted to install. Or your hard disk drive is full and you want to free some spaces to avoid errors. And you can also uninstall the Windows updates that may cause errors of your operating system. Here are the guides how to perform this task on your computer as your maintenance in your computer software.


1. Open your computer and in your desktop, click the search bar or the cortana button. Then type control panel, then press enter.

Uninstall Programs Using Windows 10

2. When the Control Panel interface displayed, click uninstall a programs.

Uninstall Programs Using Windows 10

3. In another page window, click the program you want to remove, then click the Uninstall/Change button at the top. see the image above here. Then follow the onscreen instruction until that program will successfully remove on your computer.


1. In Control Panel click Uninstall a programs, then click the View installed updates.

 Viewed and Uninstall Windows Updates

2. When the interface will open in your screen, select then click the windows update file, then click the uninstall button. Then proceeds by following the onscreen instruction on your computer screen.


If you want to turn on/off the windows features, you can click the link at the top left portion of your screen, then on the pop-up window unchecked the features you don't need to use then click OK. 


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Are you using a Laptop or PC with Windows 10 operating system? Here is your one task how to maintain your computer operating system . Thi...
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