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How To Delete Partition or Drives Using Windows 10

Deleting windows partition or drives is to free up space of your computer. This may contribute to more space and to prepare your computer for a new partition and another new program to install. This will contribute also of a good performance and condition of your computer. However, this is dangerous of your data if you have an information data inside of that drive. So you need to backup first before to continue deleting a partition or a drive. Remember data is so precious, so don't proceed with deleting a drive that will cause to totally delete all your important files.


 You can't delete a partition of a drive of that partition is in use of your computer. Example the drive c: which is the stationary drive of the operating system. If you want to delete this partition you need to use the windows installation disk


Open Disk Management

1. Open your computer and in desktop right click in this PC icon then click manage.

Delete Partition

2. The computer management interface will display, click the Disk Management at the right side panel.

Delete Partition

3. Then right click of the drive or partition you wanted to delete, example in my image above here I right the Drive G., then proceed by clicking the command delete volume.

Disk Management

3. A popup window will display a warning information, just proceed by clicking the YES button. Wait a few minutes to finish deleting your partition.

Disk Management

4. After deletion, when you see an unallocated partition you deleted now the partition. Your drive now is ready to create a new partition.

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