How To Fix Hard Disk Drive Failure Using Ontrack Disk Manager

Hard Disk Failure like the error code 0x80070057 is a failure during the installation of the Windows Operating system. This will happen during the formatting of the drive, but you can delete and create the partition even this error is exist during the formatting. This may be a cause of a drive delay during writing of the disk or a system driver during the formatting can't be loaded. In this case one of the remedy to perform a trial and error to fix this error is to use a disk manager to recover from the error. One of the software I use is the Ontrack Disk Manager



Using this Disk Manager, if you can access the files of HDD, just backup the important files to proceed this task. This may cause to delete all your important files that can cause to unrecoverable data in the future.


The Ontract Disk Manager I incorporate all my HDD Tools in one CD ROM. So in order to run this HDD tools I need to setup the BIOS to set the Boot Order to CD/DVD Drive.

1. Power up your computer, then insert the Ontract Disk Manager in your CD ROM drive.

Press F10 to setup BIOS system
2. In the image above I'm using the Hp Computer, press F10 to run the BIOS setup. If you're using a clone computer, commonly this computer uses "Delete or F2"  key.

Select Language to use
3. Select the language you are using, in my part I'm using English.

BIOS Interface Window
4. Then BIOS Interface Window, open the Storage menu.

In order to know the HDD is detected of BIOS
5. Open Device Configuration, check whether this HDD you need to repair is detected in the BIOS.

Select boot order to select CD-ROM drive

6. Then open the Boot Order to set the first boot drive.

Select Boot order to run Ontract Disk Manager

7. Use the cursor key of your keyboard to select the ATAPI CD-ROM drive. Press F10 to accept settings. Note here: I'm using Hp Computer, if you're computer using the BIOS type called American Megatrends or other bios type, pay attention of the menu called boot sequence, drive priority to setup the Boot Order of your drive to CD/DVD. 

Press Enter key to save settings

8. Press Enter key to save your BIOS setup.


After saving your BIOS you're computer now will boot to the CDROM drive to load the startup file s of my HDD tools.

Hiren's Boot Start up files
1. Select the Start Hiren's Boot CD.

Hard Disk Tools

2. Then select Hard Disk Tools.

Select Ontrack Disk Manager On the List

3. Then select Ontrack Disk Manager 9.57.

Proceed by Selecting "YES"

4. System will halt in this popup window, just use the arrow keys to select "YES".

Start Formatting Drive
 5. Open Easy Disk Installation.

Drive capacity for the formatting of drive
 6. Then use enter key to select "YES"

Proceed "Yes" for this notification

 7. Press Enter Key to proceed "YES".

Use ALT then press C to proceed

8. Use ALT key then press C to proceed.

Proceed YES to format drive
 9. System give a warning before to proceed, use arrow key to select "YES".

Formatting and Fixing Drive
10. The system will start formatting your drive, you need to wait several minutes until it will finish the formatting.


11. You you see this image, the fixing and formatting of your drive is finish. And your drive is ready for the installation of operating system.


If you have no software like the Ontrack Disk Manager, you can use either the HDAT2, this is also a good software to fix any problem of sector failure of HDD.


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Hard Disk Failure like the error code 0x80070057 is a failure during the installation of the Windows Operating system. This will happen d...
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