How To Create Partition Using Windows 10

If you need a new partition of your drive or to your new addition drive you need to setup it first before it will become a drive that you can use to store your data. Assuming that you have a new drive in your computer drive bay and you connect it to your SATA connector on your motherboard. But you don't see it after detecting by the Windows 10 operating system. In this case you need to setup it using the Disk Management before you can use it or enabled in the Windows 10.


To create a partition, it is necessary to limit your drive into 2 partition in every 1 Hard Disk Drive.


Windows 10

1. Open your computer and in your computer desktop right click in This PC icon.

Windows 10

2. The Computer Management interface will display, click on the Disk Management in the left panel of windows. When there are popup windows, telling you to select option between MBR and GPT then just select MBR or Master Boot Record.

Windows 10

3. Right click of the partition that you can read it UNALLOCATED then click New Sample Volume.

Windows 10

4. Then proceed by clicking the NEXT button at the bottom position of the windows wizard.

Windows 10

5. Then proceed to click next, if you want to create a two partition in one Hard Disk Drive, just divide the current partition size using the highlighted figures of the windows wizard. And the remaining figures are the second partition size or use the percentage to divide the partition. Check the image above here.

Windows 10 Partition

6. And in this windows just select your drive letter, this will display in your list of drive icons in your Desktop.

Windows 10

7. Then proceed by clicking the next button below of windows wizard.

Windows 10

8. Then click FINISH, wait until the system create the new partition and formatted it according to its filling system like the NTFS.

Windows 10

9. When you see the New Volume, the drive has now been ready and you can start to use it as your computer storage. You can rename the new volume into your own created name. Just open the This PC icon and right click the new volume and click rename.


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If you need a new partition of your drive or to your new addition drive you need to setup it first before it will become a drive that you ...
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