What Are Personalization Menus Of Windows 10 Desktop

Personalization menus of the Windows 10 Desktop are a different setting and use to change the display view of your Desktop. Like the Desktop colors, Icons, Taskbar, Background, Start, Cortana Search bar, including the Desktop themes. These are the different menus that you can change the look and feel of your desktop inside the four corners of your computer screen.


All you need to open this menu is to right click of the blank of your desktop, then click the PERSONALIZE command.


Desktop Background Using Windows 10

This is the design of your Desktop screen where you can change the picture view of your Desktop screen. You can select from Picture, Solid Colors, and Slide Show uses the background bar. Use and select the Picture you may like below and also you can use your own picture by clicking the Browse button.


Windows 10 Desktop Color

You can change the colors of your computer desktop screen start menu and taskbar. All you need is to select the color using the windows color palette, turning on transparency effect, apply the accent color of the taskbar.


Windows 10 Desktop Lock Screen

Lock Screen is the window view before you log in on the desktop screen. It's a screen of Windows that will greet you at first, give you time and date notification, and sometimes will greet you by saying hello. You can change also the Background like the Windows Spotlight.


Windows 10 Desktop Themes

Desktop Themes gives you the beauty of your desktop screen, it's a skin of graphical user interface that you can change anytime. Changing the themes using the below options pictures this will include the background, color, sounds, and mouse cursor, this change will affect most of the colors. 


Windows 10 Change Fonts

Fonts are the design of the text use of the Desktop or on the entire Windows system. Example changing from default text to Arial Rounded MT, after you click this you will bring into the next page so that you can change also the size of your font.


Windows 10 Start Menu

The Start is the start button located left bottom side of your desktop screen, once you slide on or off using the sliding bar at the right this will change the settings of the start menu though its menus displayed after you click this tool.


Windows 10 Desktop Taskbar

The Taskbar is the bar located at the bottom of your screen, it's a bar that the notification area is located to display the quick launch icon and the date and time of your computer. It will also display the battery indicator of your laptop. You can change the settings here by sliding on or off the sliding bar at the right side of your screen. 

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Personalization menus of the Windows 10 Desktop are a different setting and use to change the display view of your Desktop. Like the Desk...
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