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Microsoft Office Publisher is a Best Alternatives of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw

Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw is a graphical application, you need an effective skill to do a certain work using this digital arts application. If you need calling cards, business cards, certificates, or product brochures, you need Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop application to finish this works. And make it very creative and eye catching of your customers or in your business partners at works or in your friends who will receive your cards.

With this difficulty of doing these things, your empty enough to perform this work. The Microsoft office Publisher is the best alternative to finish this works. Aside as one package program of the Microsoft Office application, the templates is ready to use. All you need is to select your design and make changes of the colors and design. You can put a logo of your company and the name using a text design.

Below are the examples using the Microsoft Office Publisher 2010, using the version I'm very satisfied to create a calling cards for your customers. You can select a beautiful template for your works. Or create your own design using the tools and features build of this application.


Above image you can select your own templates or use the ready to use templates. You can open this page by clicking the File Menu at the top and click new.

If you want to create your own template for your own calling cards you may start like this. Under the file menu, then click new on the right side you can select a blank page size according to your own design.


Select a blank page size for your own design.

For my own, I'm using the ready made design templates, example I wan't to create my own calling cards for my customers. So select most popular category, then double click the business card templates, see it below.


In the image above here I select Business Card.


If you notice in this template I selected, its very simple and professional in design, all you need here is to change the address with the address of your company. You can change the logo of the logo of your company at the left portion. Then write and design the text of the name of your company.
Then put your phone number and your email address, including the website of your company if you have.

What else, using this unique application you can create also you product brochures, certificates, Letter heads, banners, calendars, resumes, flyers, or gift certificates. Or either for you what you need to create or doing this by exploring this application for knowledge seeking.

Follow this post for more publication about designs using this application.

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