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Two Important BIOS Setup Menu To Install Windows OS On HP Computer

Branded Computer like HP Compaq model and other new model of HP computer is different from the clone computer. There BIOS type is different from the clone computer like the American Megatrents. There firmware is different which installed in the CMOS microchip of the motherboard. So whenever you wanted to install the Windows operating system on HP computers. You need to know how to setup the BIOS system so that it will boot to an installation drive. Where the Windows Operating System is stored and will fire up for the installation.


You can use either USB flash drive boot tool to install your operating system like the Windows 7 or 10 or use the CD ROM disk.


BIOS Setup Key Use F10
  1. Power up your computer, then during POST display, press F10 key to enter the BIOS settings.

Select Language
2. Then select your language, then press enter key.

Hp BIOS Setup Environment

3. BIOS utility interface, navigate to Storage menu, use arrow key.

Display Drives Information

4. Under the Storage menu, select Device Configuration, this only to check whether the hard disk drive is detected including the CD-ROM or DVD. Press escape key to return to main menu.

Select Boot Order

5. Then navigate to Boot Order under the Storage menu, then use arrow keys to select the drive you want to use as first boot device. The example you need to first boot the CD-ROM or any USB drive boot tools. Press F10 to accept the settings.

Save Bios Setup

6. Press F10 key, then select Save Changes and Exit. The computer now will start to POST and use spacebar to firing up your windows installation of HP computer.


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