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USB FLash Drive Files Are Hidden, How To Unhide Using Command Mode

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive partially full

Have you encountered a problem of your USB flash drive after you inserted in your computer all the files are hidden. You may unaware why there are no files, but the drive is full

But empty when it open

There are many cases of USB flash drive files like this, these may cause of viruses or malware on different computers where you inserted your drives for downloads and saving files. Then the computer automatically scans your drive for viruses, but after all the files are hidden. This post may help you to solve this USB drive problem.


  1. Just insert your USB flash drive in your computer port.
  2. Open the computer icons and see the drive of your USB.
  3. If your USB is full or not empty, open it by double clicking or right click to open.
  4. But there are no files available all files are hidden.


1. Click the start button on your desktop or press the Windows key.
2. Type CMD on the search bar just in the above of start button.
3. Right click the black icon of CMD.
4. Then click "Run as administrator". 
5. When prompted yes or no, just select "YES".

6. A black screen will display on your desktop, a command line will appear and the keyboard cursor will blink, just type the command attrib *.* -h -s /s /d then hit the enter key.
7. You will see the keyboard cursor will move down and blinking, Wait until all files is unhide.


8. If you will back on the command line or the USB drive the process is finished and all your files is unhide. See the image above here.

9. And check your USB Flash drive in your My Computer Icon. Open the USB drive and you will see that all files now is unhide. You can delete all the files that you cannot recognize.

To avoid this USB flash drive files problem, do not insert your drive in the computer that you don't know. If you want to, just check if there is any virus scanner to protect your USB drive. Then you can proceed to use your drive in any file came from download or from your application. Just leave your comments below.

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