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Seagate Hard Disk Drive Parts and Functions- Data Recovery


Hard Disk Drive works very importance of the computer users, it works as a primary storage of computer systems including the servers and CCTV cameras. It's a metal made of Ferromagnetic Materials, the main purpose is to provide permanent data stored in platter disk.

For data recovery it is important to know the major parts of Hard Disk Drive parts and functions. The hard disk drive has different manufacturing. Meaning there is variety or type of HDD according to its manufacturing. Like SATA (Serial Advance Technology Attachment) and PATA (Parallel Advance Technology Attachment) and the new type is the SSD or Solid State Drive that uses microchip for stored permanent data. Common manufacturing is the Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, WD or Western Digital, Hitachi, and IBM.


  1. SPINDLE MOTOR- Its a high and small precision electric motor that provides rotation of the shaft and the platter commonly 7200 RPM.
  2. READ/WRITE HEAD- Its a magnetic material located at the tip of the actuator, position at the top and bottom. This will depend of the number of platters through the capacity.
  3. ACTUATOR-  Also provides the permanent movement and start of HDD head read/write assembly.
  4. CIRCUIT BOARD OR PCB- Are the logical components that allow the electricity to pass-on to the various components so that the hard disk works logically. The parts of the HDD PCB are the connection interface that provides connection between motherboard and HDD, its connection type either SATA or PATA, In PATA it has a part called a jumper, you can configure your HDD either MASTER or SLAVE. And the power supply connectors that provide a connection between Power Supply Unit and the HDD to provide standard voltage like 12, 3.5, 5 voltages.

Note: Due to the common error of hard disk drive, like the common error of clicking sound commonly on External drives, it is prohibited to open the drives in not clean room environment. You can only open it in a free of dust room. If you open this without using this clean room or clean air cabinet. Doing this will result of a permanent lost of data on your HDD.

If you encountered a major error or damage of your HDD you need to bring it to the Professional Data Recovery Center for the total retrieval of your data.

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