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How to Create Your Dropbox for your Site or for your Personal Cloud Storage


Are you saving your data and files using the hard disk drive of a laptop and on your computer? The answer is yes. All of us are using this storage. And you're also using the memory cards on your mobile phone. And there are a variety of files inside of it, either images, docs, download movies, or databases. This storage here is limited and we can say that is not totally secure in the part of our files and documents. The hard disk may fail in the future and the memory cards in different ways. The failure cause might be a users' error or cause by a corrupt operating system cause by a malware or viruses or sometimes cause by a hardware failure.

In this case, there are different storage offered by different company using the internet. And one of that is the Dropbox, this company offered a free account during your registration. And after the successful registration either you can share or link your folders or files in your site or in your Facebook account pages for your business or for your own personal use. So here we go, below are the instructions how to create your Dropbox account.

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Type the web site address of dropbox

.3.  Fill-up the sign-up field provided position on the right side panel. Then check box the terms and conditions and click the sign-up button.


4. Then wait until will load the next page, when you see like the image above here, click download Dropbox button. 


5. The destination windows will display just save the Dropbox file, then double click it for downloading the file and installing it on your computer.


6. The system will initialize and installing your Dropbox software, wait until it will finish. You can now start to use your Dropbox account using your browser. 

After the installation, you can now start to use your Dropbox account. You can now upload your images from your phone memory or from your computer drives and laptop. By uploading your important files and images you just created to empty some disk space of your drive. And you ride out of hassle when your computer or phone hangup due to overload files. And the best all in using this cloud storage, you can access your file in different place using your laptop or mobile phone using the WIFI connections

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