Things You Need to Know About Your Data When It Got Lost Inside Your Drive


Did you encounter that your data or files and folders got lost in your computer desktop drive, in your USB External Drive, in USB flash drive, or in your memory cards on your mobile phone or either in your camera. Losing data unintentionally happen, maybe you did something wrong in your computer like turning if off without proper shutdown, or else cause by a corrupt operating system, or you suddenly drop your external drive. This is common happen to the computer users this time. This will cause you to panic when your important data got lost when you open your drive using your laptop or desktop computer. A question may rise by yourself the moment this will happen to you. So here are the common knowledge you need to know about it. 


1. CLICKING SOUNDMajor Causes why your HDD perform clicking sound of your External Drive or Desktop computer drive:
  1. Not properly shutdown
  2. Accidentally drop the HDD
  3. Hangup due to viruses or user error.
  4. Not safely remove.
  5. Over capacity of data.

Cause of Clicking sound: Platter Head damage, this will cause to no detection of HDD or USB external Drive. And possibly all your data and files will be lost permanently.

2. DATA GOT FREEZING OR HANGUP- This error of data or hard drive is a serious error. You can't open your drive because it, like freezing inside your drive or simply we called it hang then you will see on your screen called " Not Responding". This error will happen when your USB external drive was full, or you always not permanently remove safely your drive, same of your memory card of your mobile phoneIt happened you remove your memory card even your mobile phone is powered on. Or in other cause it was damaged due to viruses when it was inserted in a computer that have a virus. Or other cause by total blackout of electricity. 

2. DELETED DATA OR FILES OR IT WAS FORMATTED- This is also common problem of the user when he intentionally deleted or formatted his/her drives that later he/she realized that data is very important.

  1. Can I recover my important data or files inside a clicking sound hard disk drive? The answer is yes, but you need to find a professional data technician or a data engineer to do this very serious error of your drive. Be aware that retrieving your data in this clicking sound HDD is not easy. The drive needs to repair so that it will become detected on a recovery computer before the data will pull out. And this needs a big amount budget.
  2. Can I recover my important data and files even it was deleted? Yes, your files can be retrieved even it was deleted or in the empty recycle bin of your computer drive. Any data recovery company has a software to perform this task. 
  3. Can I recover my important data and files even the drive was formatted? Yes, your files and data can be retrieved even the drive was formatted. There are software available in different data recovery company.
  4. Can I recover my important data and files in the drive which hangup or freezing and the drive is not responding? Yes, the data and files here can be retrieved using a data recovery software. 

In all the different problem and remedies I stated above of your data and files. To avoid in this scenario or getting trap of this data and files problem, you need to backup your drive where the data and files was stored. This is the first recommendation for the safety of your data and files. You need to use a backupper software so that you can perform it on your personal computer or on your laptop computer. Or else you need a data processing company to perform this task. 

If you're one of the person getting trap of this data problem. Just leave you message below in the comment section of this post. And will answer your problem and we can help you to getting back your imprtant files. You can reach me also in the contact page of this site or in this facebook page OCTITS DATA PROCESSING SERVICES. Happy New year to all...

Things You Need to Know About Your Data When It Got Lost Inside Your Drive combinebasic 5 of 5
Did you encounter that your data or files and folders got lost in your computer desktop drive, in your USB External Drive , in USB...
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