Pros and Cons of Buying a Refurbished/ Used iPhone

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A few wise decisions in your life can save your time and money. Like buying a refurbished or a used iPhone. Yes, you can own the beauty at much so much reasonable price just the difference would be that it will be the used one. Anybody would think twice before opting for a refurbished or a used iPhone. Why? Because people sell fake sets online and many fear falling in the trap. So, if you too are planning to save on some huge amount of cash then you need to look for a reliable website that has a good record or has been active online since quite a long time.


  1. Money saving, offcourse
  2. Same brand that you have been forever eyeing, but the product is in a better condition.
  3. Discounted prices
  4. Value for money
  5. You get the complete set which includes the accessories as well.
  6. In case the website is not giving the accessories along with the gadget then you will get the phone for even a lesser price.
  7. As you are going to buy a refurbished iPhone then you deserve to be proud of yourself that you are buying contributing to the environment by buying a recycled product (Environment-friendly price!)
  8. You get a proper warranty on buying a refurbished iPhone to so later on if you wish to replace it or get a new one then you can do it anytime! Good deal.
  9. Refurbished gadgets are checked before being sold; they are checked whether they have original battery, screen and if their accessories are the original ones.
  10. Because Apple products are too expensive therefore

  1. Likely to have defects.
  2. Might be returned due to malfunctions.
  3. Defects could be internal or external.
  4. You do not get the latest phones immediately after their release.
  5. Warranty or replace period is very less.
  6. Hardly any websites that will give you full money refund upon returning.
  7. However, the shortcomings, fake parts, improper functioning and softwares can be worked upon but still the scratches and cracks from the body of the phone cannot be removed.
  8. There is probability that a stolen phone will be sold to you.
  9. Do not always expect the highest quality gadget and do not expect it to come to you in its best state.

 A few things that you need to look into before buying any used iPhone:
Make sure that you are not being sold a stolen iPhone. This is how you can do this;
  1. Go to iPhone settings.
  2. Select general.
  3. Tap on about.
  4. Scroll down and click on IMEI.
  5. You will get a 15-digit number.
  6. Now, after checking for the 15-digit IMEI number; copy and paste it on a website which checks for the lost and stolen phones.
  7. If your phones IMEI number doesn’t show, then it means that your phone is original.


If you do not know how to check then visit an iPhone retailer so that you can get it checked. The battery life decreases with time so make sure that the battery is not older than a year.

Look if there is any damage in the hardware. The scratches on the screen, lenses, sensor or any other damage on the outside.
Prefer a handset that comes along with a warranty.
Ask for a proper bill along with the handset so that you can.
So, by now you must have made up your mind to buy a used iPhone or a refurbished iPhone?
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Image by: A few wise decisions in your life can save your time and money. Like buying a refurbished or a us...
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