Industries To Be Re-Shaped By Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence can bring countless benefits to businesses everywhere,
be it a Kansas City IT support company or a recruitment agency in Argentina. And ever since their
debut, they’ve been making waves in several industries, reshaping how they do things there and
generally making everything better. Below are some of them:


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used increasingly in the energy industry in
response to the rising global demand for reliable, cleaner, and cheaper energy, as well as from the
increasing pressure from many people to reduce carbon emissions. For example, one of the most
glaring problems when it comes to renewable energy is its inconsistency. Various factors such as
winds and sunlight can influence how much energy is generated on a regular basis, and anything that
impedes these things can cause power shortage. Using AI and ML can minimize this issue because it
can help predict energy demand and generation, as well as the weather to a certain extent. This
enables the industry to manage fluctuations that come their way.


We live in an era of smart devices today, with phones, computers, and software becoming more and
more indispensable in our daily lives. However, it also left us extremely vulnerable in terms of
cybersecurity. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that up to $109 billion were lost yearly to malicious
cyber activities! Maintaining the edge of our cybersecurity strategies is challenging, but researchers
believe integrating AI and machine learning to it can make all the difference. Keeping up with cyber
attacks regarding rate and speed is something only computers can do, making it necessary indeed
to apply AI and ML in our cybersecurity. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure that
the algorithms you use are working correctly. Computers are very good at doing tasks repeatedly, and
it could end up doing the wrong chores over and over again if programmed incorrectly.


AI and ML have been making waves in the accounting industry lately, with more and more bookkeeping
tasks being tackled by them instead of by humans. This allowed accountants to focus on more advisory
roles that would further add value to their clients. For instance, AI technologies like RPA (Robotic
Process Automation) is capable of dramatically reducing the time needed for audit and contractual
processing from months to weeks. This can enable accounting firms to outpace their competitors in
terms of efficiency and quality service― if they take advantage of it.

Health Care

According to Frost & Sullivan, AI is poised to transform how people diagnose and treat diseases, even
going so far as to claim that the healthcare AI market will experience a compound annual growth rate
of 40% by 2021. With this potential, as well as its ability to cut down costs, in mind, the healthcare
industry is starting to embrace ML and AI technology with the same vigor as many other industries.
But that’s not all artificial intelligence and machine learning has to offer the industry; by taking over
medical diagnostics, it will be able to reduce the fatality rates in hospitals everywhere and save
countless lives in the process.

Why You Need AI and ML

As you can see, artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing ever more important in the
industries we have today. By integrating AI and ML in your business, you’ll be able to make operations
in your company more comfortably and more efficient as well as potentially boost your profitability.

Industries To Be Re-Shaped By Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Edwin Deponte 5 of 5
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence can bring countless benefits to businesses everywhere, be it a Kansas City IT...
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