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How To Search Creative Common Movies or Videos in YouTube

Videos or movies are demanding nowadays, people they can easily create a video or movies because of gadgets that can buy in online or is a gadget store, like camera and high end mobile phone. The other enthusiast person builds a YouTube channel and upload their movies or videos though their channel created. And when it comes or meet the required views with at least 4000 and 1000 subscriber they can monetize their videos or movies. And they can have their incomes through their channels. 

Movies and videos as per rights of the user of the YouTube and own a channel have rights to their works or videos they own. During upload they can select either Standard YouTube license and creative common license. The standard YouTube license is particularly own by the rightful owner. And can't be reproduced, meaning you can watch it, but you can't download it and use by your own means. And this will create a violation of your account and can be taken down on your own channel. And the creative common license (cc) or a creative common video and movies the creator gives a grant or permission in order to reuse their work but under on a certain condition. 

Through this rights of the different creator, YouTube gives a power to download or use the videos using the creative common and can be used in different purposes. Like the movies that can be downloaded and uploaded to your own channel. And this post will guide you how to search this creative common video and movies, read it below here.

1. Open you YouTube channel and access it using your email account and password. If your new and don't have any account in YouTube you can create your own. Read here: HOW TO CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL

YouTube Search Engine Bar

2. When you channel is open, in the search box, type the title of a video or movie you wanted. Example on my part I search the "how to repair external drive". Then click the search button or press enter key on your keyboard. See the image above here.

3. Once the list of videos is displayed in vertical arrangement, click the filter icon position at the top left side of your screen. Then when the different selection is displayed, find and click the Creative Commons. Then the different creative common videos or movies will displayed vertically.

Select CC Videos or movies

4. Now select videos or movies you wanted and download it. Access here how to download the YouTube videos,  you can check it here How to download YouTube videos and also here: How To Download YouTube Videos


Before you download any videos or movies you selected, double check the license if that is a creative common. To make sure that you can avoid the copyright strike violations of YouTube because of the wrong license you downloaded.

Putting up channel of YouTube in the purpose that you want extra income is a good fore sight. But creating a quality content in order to have a many views and subscriber is not easy. The very safe to have a content is to make your own content not copying or reproducing other works. See it here: How to get more views in YouYube

That's all see you in next post.

Must Have Accessories For Your New Laptop or Tablet!!!

Hp Accessories

As you know, laptops and desktops are evolving with each passing day to complete the demands of the technology therefore we need to buy HP accessories online to get the most of our computers and desktop systems. Having the right accessories to get the most of your computer and to enhance your day by day desktop and computer using experience is important.  

Must have accessories for your new laptop!!
  1. The laptop bag: A laptop bag is an essential accessory to protect from any kind of damage when it falls down and you want to take it with you at new location. To transport it to a new location safely, you need to pack it in bag. 

  1. External hard disk: In this modern age of computing, everyone needs extra memory to keep their items stored. Whether personal or professional, everyone is in need for extra memory therefore an external hard disk is an appropriate accessory to increase the storage data of the laptop. 

  1. Power bank: Power Bank is another must have laptop accessory to charge your laptop whenever there is a need. You will hate it whenever your laptop and smart phone battery get empty. At such time, only power bank will save you especially when you are out for a business meeting. 

  1. An USB flash drive: If you want to carry your files and documents with you without carrying your laptop then an USB flash drive is your need. You can store anything in USB from photos to music files to videos and any other kind of file format. 

  1. Bluetooth mouse: For laptop mobility, you can use a Bluetooth mouse enhancing your laptop using experience. Buying a mouse pad along with a wireless mouse will also be an ideal option to consider. 

  1. Speakers: You can buy any kind of speakers with your laptop. If you are tired of the computer speaker producing less and unrealistic sound then choosing speakers with good sound quality and clarity will be an ideal option for you. Consider the availability of the best speakers available in the market and choose the best based on the price and the performance of the computer. 

  1. Wireless printer: There are several wireless printers are available in the market that you can use. These printers can be used to print important documents whenever there is a need. 
Apart from these devices, you should also buy HP accessories online to enhance your laptop surfing experience.  

What we need to consider before buying laptop accessories?
Before you make the new accessories, there are a lot of things to consider. 
  1. First of all, check the compatibility of your system as some accessories can only work with the certain types of the laptop or desktop. So check the compatibility and model of your system before placing an order for an accessory online. 
  2. Consider your needs and requirements before you make a purchase for a computer accessory. 
  3. Consider whether the accessories you are choosing are portable or not. When buying laptop accessories, heavier may not be an ideal option. Consider your needs and then choose the portable accessories. 
Apart from these, your budget should also be one of the most important things that you should consider. If you are a gadget freak, then you should own these HP accessories to enhance your system performance and to get a better laptop experience.

Aomei Backupper and Stellar Phoenix is My Best Partner in Data Recovery

Data recovery business is data recovery or retrieval of data inside of the damaged computer storage like USB external, hard disk drive, or in any micro memory storage. This storage composes of many types and brands like Seagate external drive and WD my passport external drive. Also, these internal hard drives like the 3.5" SATA, SSD, and IDE hard disk drive of the computer. Also, the different brands of the camera using micro memory like the Sandisk 64 GB SD card. These drives or storage are the main purposes of the data recovery business and all of this needs software to manage the data recovery retrieval of data and backupping data into the destination drives. And our data recovery company, the Octits Data Processing Services uses the Aomei Backupper and Stellar Phoenix. This two software is our best partners in everyday life in doing and serving our clients in retrieval and keeping safe of their data. 

Below are some explanations about this software and other tools use in our data recovery business.

1. Aomei Backupper

Aomei Backupper

This software is the best software we use in backupping the data after we retrieve the thousands, millions, or billions of bytes to the destination drive of the computer. These can perform a backup of data and cloning the data in the fastest way. Like system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup. Also, it can perform cloning like disk cloning, system clone, and partition clone. And also it can restore the data in the drive. Either it has also the check image, create bootable media, centralize backupper, and explore the image. 

2. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

This software is used to recover the data inside of the damaged drive after it will repair the drive. Doing the data recovery of the drive without the expertise is prohibited because data is very important to the user. Using this software it must be the drive is repaired and both the drive's platter, mainboard, and the head and write inside of the any drives is normal to avoid the permanent lost of the data. There are two common problem of hard disk drives, the logical software problem and the hardware problem and in micromemory there are corrupted data and the damage to the hardware or the memory chip. Both of these can be repaired using the data recovery equipment.

3. Common drive that always needs the data to recover- I mention common and always because these are I notice in our office that always need to recover. The cause because it was accidentally dropped, corrupted drive, due to viruses, and common errors of the user like accidentally or forgotten data and were formatted and overwritten.

Sandisk 64GB

Sandisk SD memory

Seagate External Drive 1TB

Seagate USB External Drive

WD Drive 3.5" and 2.5"

WD drive 2.5" and 3.5"

Assorted USB Flash Drive


4. Destination Drive- This drive is 100% normal, mostly brand new and any brand of drives. Capacity must be bigger size compared to the damage drive. We called this destination because after data retrieval this is the drive where the retrieved data is being saved and must be sure as 100 percent normal.

Destination Drive- Seagate1TB

Destination Drive we use during this data recovery the Seagate 1TB external USB drive.

Doing data recovery business is not simple you need big budgets, time, and expertise and handling the rights of the clients to their drive data. This generation communication through using the technology of computer is around us. Most of the people in this world use different type of media storage. And this storage is subject to damage and lost of data. And this is the business and responsibility as being the data technician or data engineers.

And the people of Octits Data Processing Services are capable and experts of doing this kind of jobs. If you need our help, you can contact us through this site: Contact us  and our Facebook page: Octits Data Processing Service FB Page 

HP Teams Up with ExpressVPN for the Best Computer Hardware of the Year

ExpressVPN for the Best Computer

Cybercrime continues to go up, with new threats coming up every year. It is a good idea to find ways to protect yourself so that you don’t fall victim to any cybercriminal activity. One of the ways in which you can protect yourself is through the use of a VPN. A VPN will conceal all traffic leaving your PC/phone until it reaches its destination. In case you get hacked, the cybercriminals will not seize anything but encrypted data. It is advisable to always use a VPN when on public Wi-Fi networks such as those in restaurants, hotels, and airports.

1. ExpressVPN and HP Partnership

The giant VPN provider, ExpressVPN recently recorded a major victory thanks to its partnership with the PC mogul HP. In this partnership, selected HP machines will come pre-installed with ExpressVPN’s best computer hardware this year 2019 to help protect consumer privacy and security while on public Wi-Fi networks. Users will be given an exclusive 30 days free trial period before opting for a full plan to see if the VPN is a good fit for them HP’s new Spectre x360 13 model will be the first device to have the VPN installed, though this is bound to change as other models get introduced in the near future.  

The ExpressVPN and HP partnership is not your typical “load-and-forget” OEM software settlement that is often understood as being bloatware. This is deep product assimilation that took months of hard work from both teams to finalize, including a thorough security review process. Indeed, this shows great progress in the tech industry, which has been tormented by cybersecurity problems for a long time now.  

To show their enormous faith and trust in the VPN, especially their Windows app, HP will have the hardware pinned to the taskbar of the new Spectre x360 13. 

2. About the New HP Spectre x360 13

In a press release dated September 30, 2019, HP announced the release of a new model of the HP Spectre x360 13. Unlike its predecessors, this laptop is a real sight to behold, with a whopping 90% body-to-screen ratio. It has a long battery life of up to 22 hours enough to take you through the day, CPU/GPU upgrades, and different privacy features. Among the privacy features is a dedicated mute key, fingerprint and face recognition scanners, HP webcam kill switch, extra HP sure view display, and of course, ExpressVPN’s hardware. With all these security features, users will not have to worry about their privacy being compromised.

The new Spectre x360 13 offers twice the performance of the previous generation, while still weighing a mere 2.8 lbs for easy portability. With its head-turning sophisticated design, security, and mobility, you will have peace of mind going with this device anywhere, anytime. 

3. About ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN is a VPN service provider that protects your security and privacy online. You will be able to go online securely and anonymously in a few, simple steps. The best part is that you are given a 7-day free trial period, where you can download it for free and try it on all your devices.  
This company offers an extensive network of over 3,000 servers outspread in 94 countries and 160 cities, with the US and Europe having the best coverage. It provides apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers among other devices. It also offers detailed manual setup guides for Playstation, Fire TV, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, and Chromebooks.  
If you are looking for a VPN that will protect your privacy and allow you to access any content, anywhere on earth, anonymously and securely, then look no further than ExpressVPN. 

4. ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology  

ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology has been topping the list of the best computer hardware this year 2019 and for a good reason. This is the industry’s most ingenious VPN server technology. Here are some of the reasons why:

Servers are typically run on hard drives, which means all data is retained until it is deleted and written over. This increases the risk of sensitive information in case the server gets hacked or seized. Worse still, hackers who overcome the security of the server might end up installing a backdoor that will remain indefinitely.  

ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology has its server running only on RAM, which means that both the apps and operating system cannot write to the hard drive. Since RAM needs the power to store information, all the data on the server is erased every time it is rebooted—preventing both data and possible hackers from staying on the machine.  

One more reason why ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer Technology is one of the best computer hardware this coming 2020 is that unlike other server administrators who install the software and operating system during the server’s initial set up, then perform updates over time (which means every change brings in differences among servers, reducing the probability of each one of them using a similar code), the TrustedServer ensures it loads the most up-to-date read-only picture, carrying the whole software stack, every time a server restarts. This way, the administrators know exactly what’s happening on each of their 3,000+ VPN servers. This minimizes the possibility of exposure or misconfiguration and noticeably increases VPN security. 

5. About HP Inc

Founded by two Stanford University electrical-engineering graduates, William Hewlett and David Packard, HP Inc. specialized in manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, and designing software for different enterprises. Its product range includes personal computers, workstations, scanners, copiers and faxes, laser and inkjet printers, and other printing and computing devices and services.

Not only is HP’s new Spectre x360 13 is a reviewers’ choice, but the addition of ExpressVPN’s hardware to this model makes it even more appealing to the modern tech-lover who appreciates security and privacy. As the partnership between HP and ExpressVPN continues to make rounds on social media, we hope that more companies will see the advantages that such a relationship could bring and try and look for one of their own. That is the only way we will start feeling truly secure on the internet. 

Major Parts and Functions of Computer Hard Disk Drives

Computer hard disk drives or HDD is the primary drive and the oldest main storage drive of the computer. This type of drive came in two types of sizes. They are 3.5" in size as commonly of the desktop or servers of a computer. And the smallest that have a size of 2.5" inches is the common use of the laptop or a portable computer. This time they are two types of connection interfaces, the oldest one is the IDE or Intelligent Device Electronics. And the new type is the SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. This two-drive is made of a platter which can be seen only once you open the HDD inside the cleanroom. This platter is used to store an instruction or data using a bit or bytes every read and write on a computer.

Learn as you're reading below the different parts and functions.

Parts of SATA HDD

Take notes on this dismantled HDD the remaining parts are pointed using the callout with the name inside.

1. Metal Casing- This serves as the housing of all parts of this HDD.
2. Spindle Motor- This is a high-speed motor that use to rotate the hard disk drive platter to store logically an instruction or data of a computer, example the old model uses the 7200 RPM of rotation.
3. Read/ Write Head- It's a tiny magnetic part attached to the actuator arm that reads and writes the data stored inside the platter.
4. Read/ Write Parking- This is a plastic part that use to park the read/write when upon turning off the computer. Or in the external USB drive HDD after ejecting using the Windows operating system or in any other OS.
5.Actuator Axis- This is a metal pole where the actuator arm is hookup, it's a pole that holds the actuator arm when moving to the platter and back to the parking parts.
6. Logical Interface Connector- It's a part that used to connect the interface signal of the HDD mainboard to the actuator assembly. Whenever the computer is turned on or a user opens the drive, a computer mainboard (MOBO) will address an instruction through the logical mainboard of HDD that connects to the actuator read/ write head.
7. Stopper- It's a plastic part that used to limit the movement of the actuator assembly to the platter and back to the parking part.
8. Actuator Arm- It's the whole assembly of the actuator, from the coil magnets to the read/write head.


HDD Platter

This part is the type made of aluminum and a substrate with the magnetic medium that low data to store in a magnetic pattern with its per platter capable of storing logical data in a million or billion of bytes or BITS on the surface of the platter.


HDD Platter Dust Filter

This is a dust filter of HDD platter, during the high-speed rotation it will collect the dust particle on the surface of the platter.

11. HDD Mainboard

HDD Logical Mainboard

It's a printed circuit board (PCB) that composed of a variety of chips like the ROM and the memory module. There are two types of data interface connectors, the IDE and the latest is the SATA. This mainboard is tasked to manage the storage of logical data according to the specified total size of the drive.

3.5" Maxtor HDD IDE Type

3.5" MAXTOR HDD IDE type 



Samsung SSD PM851 mSATA Type



Drive of computer or main storage of a computer, composed of a variety of types like the IDE and SATA. As of now with the new technology of SATA here comes the SSD type or the solid-state drive that many users told that it's the fastest drive compare to the old SATA type or the platter type. This SSD uses a NAND microchip to store data. And capable also to store data in a million bytes. Data stored here is a precious thing it needs to maintain and take care of your drive. If else your drive will go to expensive service of the data recovery center.

9 Ways the New HP Spectre x360 13 Will Impress You

HP Spectre x360 13 Works on VPN

HP will always try to outdo itself with every product launch. While we can all agree that they have stalled a bit in the place of innovations for a whole now, the company seems to be back to pace-setting ways with some recent additions to their line-up.

The launch of a Spectre x360 13 brought that to the fore, and we believe there are a lot of reasons to love this unit for what it is, and what it offers.

How about we let the points do all the talking?

1.  Size

There was a time when size was everything for those looking to get a laptop. At this time and age where less is more, HP got it right with the size on the Spectre x360 13.

For those who know the predecessor of this unit, HP achieved a decent 13% shaving in size with a gem-cut edge design and other ergonomic improvements in other places. To buttress that, the laptop comes in at just 2.8lbs with its 13-inch frame.

Speaking of the 13 inches, HP made sure they would not be sacrificing on functionality for aesthetics by going for an almost edgeless screen. Thus, you get all the screen real estate you want.

2.  Screen

Besides the almost edgeless screen technology, HP worked wonders with the Iris Graphics display capability which makes this screen as clear as can be. With brightness levels ranging from 400 nits to 1000 nits, this is as bright as a screen can get – and you wouldn’t even see the least hint of image pixilation on it.

Before we wrap up here, we should probably mention that the screen can be picked up in as high as a 4K OLED panel.

3. Privacy Screen

When using your laptop in public spaces, you have no control over who peeps into what you are doing. In fact, someone could be looking over your shoulder and reading all your sensitive files without your permission.

HP recognizes this to be an issue, so they bring a privacy screen feature with the Spectre x360 13.
You can turn on this feature with the click of a button, instantly whitening out the screen. That way, the contents of the screen are only accessible to the person directly in front (which is you) and obscured to everyone else.

4.  Password management

Good passwords habits are going down thedrain on a daily basis. From using the same password for multiple accounts to setting weak passwords in the first place, hackers are almost never having to work for data breaching tasks anymore.

HP will have none of that, so they bring LastPass on board for their users.

With this software, you get to create strong passwords with the in-built password generating software. These are passwords that will literally take several years to crack, so you know you are secure.
Since you can’t always remember such complex passwords, you also get to store them all in this highly secure app. In fact, you get to log in faster to your accounts with an integration feature you can take advantage of from within the app.

Finally, the app lets you securely enter your payment details onto eCommerce websites whenever you are purchasing anything online.

5.  Online privacy

The fact that HP worked extensively with ExpressVPN to bring the latter company’s software onto the Spectre x360 13 tells a lot about the importance of VPNs in consumer privacy space. HP admits that this will help boost protection against online dangers such as the ones faced by using public Wi-Fi networks. What they didn’t mention is how this is important in kicking against all of the data sniffing and internet traffic monitoring too.

All that, and we still have the obvious advantages of owning a VPN: bypassing geoblocks and circumventing censorships of any kind, among others,

6.  Microphone Privacy

In addition to the privacy screen, HP also introduces an LED button aimed at muting the microphone port of the laptop whenever activated. This tackles consumer concern about their devices being used to remotely listen in on them.

These allegations are not baseless either. The very fact that HP is doing something to fix it shows that there is an element of truth behind microphones being hacked to gain access to private conversations.
Speaking of snooping hacks…

7.  Webcam Kill Switch

It has long been known that webcams can be remotely taken access of. It doesn’t even matter if the webcam app is on at the moment before the hacker takes control. Again, HP dedicates a physical button to toggle the webcam functionality totally off.

Rather than just exiting the webcam app, the kill switch detaches the webcam from the system itself. That way, even the consumer cannot access the webcam unless they toggle it off, talkless of a hacker gaining remote access.

8.  Battery

Lest we forget, the battery on this device is as beastly as the specs that it carries. Power is not an issue in many parts of the world anymore, but what happens when you find yourself stranded without your charger? Or, maybe, you are on the go and have no outlets to connect to? You don’t have to worry about the HP Spectre x360 13, seeing as it offers up to 22 hours of battery life. That is just a couple hours shy of a day, literally!

9.  Specs

I have tried so hard to make this a non-technical piece, and I will continue here.Looking at the spec sheet, though, a unit offering anywhere between 8GB and 16GB of RAM on as much as 512GB SSD or a 1TB HDD is as impressive as they come. Add the battery, 10th gen Intel CPU under the board, screen, body dimensions, the convertibility and more, and we have a winner in this laptop.


As promised, the HP Spectre x360 13 fascinates with its consumer-centric approach to design and features. When the device starts selling, will you also consider adding it to your shopping list?

19 Google Spreadsheets Parts and Functions You Need to Know

Google Sheets Parts and Functions
Google sheets or spreadsheets are an internet application using your internet browser. This is one of Google's free offers when you create your Google account like Gmail. This is an interactive computer application used for any organization, office or group of persons. That they need to analyze certain aspects of data using the tabular table. And is also an accounting mechanism and storage of data using the free storage offer from Google

This application is like Microsoft Office Excel, it's also a worksheet application, but it's offline because it's locally installed on your computer. This application also has a license which you can't fully use this application without the payment for a Microsoft subscription. Now without the presence of Microsoft office, you can use this Google spreadsheet application as the best alternatives.

To make you familiarize and knowledgeable in this application this is a big help to you to learn more.


  1. TITLE BAR- This is the part where you can identify the filename of your spreadsheets and its position above the user interface of this application.
  2. MAIN MENU- It's the main tool that you can use for your application. They are FILE, EDIT, VIEW, VIEW, INSERT, FORMAT, DATA, TOOLS, ADD-ONS, and HELP.
  3. RIBBON MENU- Its other tool use for this application, its design as an icon or small pictures inline with its other in a bar. That you can easily select and click after you highlight any data within your spreadsheets or worksheets area.
  4. COMMENT BUTTON- It's a unique built-in feature of this application where you can put a comment inside the worksheets. Whenever you click this button you have two selections either notifications or a comment. When having a group discussion you can easily put a comment or notification to your groupmate.
  5. SHARE BUTTON- You can use this if you wanted to send your sheets to your friends or to your workmates or either to your big boss. You need the email address of the persons who will receive the worksheets of data.
  6. GOOGLE PROFILE ACCOUNT BUTTON- This is a button for your profile account. whenever you want to exchange to other Google products or logout into Google you can click this button. 
  7. FORMULA BAR or EDITOR BAR- This bar that has an Fx symbol at the left is called the formula bar. You can use this to compose any logical formula for any calculation. Like for example A1 + B1, this is a simple formula that will add the data in column A row 1 and column B row 1. This is called the editor bar whenever you use this bar to edit or change the data inside the table. 
  8. AUTO ADD SHEET BUTTON- It's a plus symbol button that when you click it will create another tab sheet position on the right side.
  9. PAGE OR SHEETS SELECTOR- This is a button once you click all the sheets that you have in your application will list goes up. So that you can select and click a page or sheets you want to display. 
  10. WORKSHEETS OR SHEETS TAB- This a tab button when you click it will display a worksheet. But when you click the arrow down beside it, it will display a list of commands. For example, if you want to delete a spreadsheet, you can click this button and click delete. 
  11. HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR- You can use this button if you want to scroll or move your worksheet going left or right.
  12. EXPLORE OR HELP BUTTON- You can click this button if you want help outright in your worksheets or get insights instantly. All you need is to highlight data within the worksheets.
  13. VERTICAL SCROLL BAR- Use this tool when you need to scroll or move your worksheet up or down.
  14. WIDGETS SIDEBAR- This is the position of a tool on the right-side panel. This time this is only three applications: calendar- that you can check the date, keep- that you can keep or take notes or get any data from your synchronize data from a mobile phone and task- that you can add your workflow and you can open using the single click and help you remember easily your work.
  15. ACTIVE CELL OR WORKSHEET CELL- This is a rectangle look,  it's a very important, its task to create the execution. Whenever there are changes you want to make on a date it will happen inside this tool. If you create a formula and execute it for a certain calculation this tool will work for you. This tool is the intersection between the column and the row to identify the exact range of data to execute.
  16. AUTOFILL TAB- It's a part of the Active Cell, but it has a separate task. If you want to auto calculate a range of data within a column or a row you need these tools. All you need is to create or form a formula on the first column of a row of data. Then point to this tab and hold down your left mouse button and drag it down. Use this tool if you want to fill a date within the column and the row or auto-fill a series of numbers. 
  17. COLUMN HEADERS- It's a range of Alphabets or letters that represent the number of columns, every set of data needs a column.
  18. ROW HEADERS- It's a range of numbers that represents the number of rows within a column, every set of data needs to identify the specific location with the column or intersection. So that a user can calculate correctly.
  19. WORKSHEETS AREA- The biggest part of the user interface of this application, its composition of vertical and horizontal grid lines represents the intersection of columns and rows.

So much here, this is the first step if you want to learn how to use this application. The next topic is all about the most basic formula that uses for spreadsheets same as the Microsoft Office Excel application.


What is Keyboard Bumps at the Center of Alphanumeric Character keys

Keyboard Bumps On F and J Letters


The Alphanumeric Character is the largest part of your computer keyboard. And at the center of it, you will notice that there are bumps or ridges found on the F and J letters. Using these parts you can feel the correct position of your finger once you sense that your left index finger on the F and the right index finger on the J letters. Once you position your correct fingers on h of these two bumps of the home row position you can feel the other key positions during typing.

Additional Tips!

Another part of the Keyboard that has the same bumps is the numeric keypad. You will notice the bumps of number 5 keys. To help your middle finger to position on the keypad.

How To Use Manage Blocking Using The Restricted List Of Your FB Account

Manage Blocking using the Restricted List of your Facebook account is one of the settings found on your Facebook account. This could be one of your privacy settings, in the purpose not to expose your personal post, likes, comments, in one or more selected friend your FB account.

Using these settings does not mean that your communication with that friend you're restricted is cut off. Your communication would continue even though he/she is restricted in your post. And another, Facebook will not notify your friends that you add them to the restricted list of your FB account. Another is, if you share your post to the public, not with your friends only, still they would see your post on your timeline.

Follow the below procedure to start your Restricted List Blocking settings of your FB account. All you need is to open your account and follow the below procedure.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

Inside your FB account, in the right top position, see my image above here, click the down arrow. Then on the menu list click the Settings.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

When the settings menu is open click the Blocking menu position at the left side panel.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

Now the Manage Blocking window will open, click the edit list to select which of your friend you need to restrict.

Manage Blocking Restricted List

In the image above in the Edit Restricted window, click the down arrow, then click the Friends. Then after your friend's profile picture will display inside of this window, select them then click the finish button. 

Now you can start to post, then share it with your friends in your FB account. They will not see your post or your personal post with your restricted friends in your account.

How To Clean Computer Keyboard Including the Internal Parts

If you experience that your keyboard keys some of it not functioning once you press on it. Or if you press it will function, but later on not function. In this case, your keyboard may suffer from dust buildup or there are objects inside your keyboard keys. Or the flex circuit having dust or corrosion that hindrance the keys not to functioning.

So this post will help you how to solve this problem with the keyboard and you will learn how to clean including the internal parts of the keyboard. You will learn also how to dismantle and remove the rubber dome and clean the internal parts.


Upper and Lower Casing

1. Flex Keys Circuit- This is the keys circuit this will contact and give a signal to the motherboard once you press a key or a combination key.

Keyboard Flex Circuit

2. Rubber Dome- This is rubber with a design like a dome, this will give a bounce of the keys once you press.

Keyboard Rubber Dome

3. Controller Board- This is a printed circuit board or PCB, this will give a control signal connection to the motherboard ports.
4. Upper and Lower Casing- This is the casing that houses the keyboard parts.


  1. Philip screwdriver- use to remove the screws that holding the upper and lower case.
  2. Paintbrush- use to remove the dust buildup
  3. Pencil Eraser- use to clean the contact of the flex circuit, including the contact terminal of the controller board.
  4. Tissue or old cloth- this will be used to clean the flex circuit.
  5. WD 40 cleaning solution- use to clean the upper and lower case and remove dirt.


  1. Your keyboard has an upper and lower part of the casing, the screws at the lower part casing. To open your keyboard, remove the screws holding the upper and lower case. 
  2. Once the screws are removed, stays the keyboard in the same position. And remove slowly the lower case. Remember the position of the keyboard, the lower case is positioned on the top after you remove the screws.
  3. Remove the flex circuit, be sure to unscrew first the PCB or the controller board.
  4. Then remove the rubber dome, make sure that you know the position of each of the rubber dome.
  5. Clean the rubber dome, you can use water to rinse each of the rubber domes, or simply use only the paintbrush to remove dust buildup.
  6. Clean each of the contact keys of the flex circuit using the pencil eraser.
  7. Clean the flex circuit using a tissue or cloth.
  8. And use the WD40 cleaning solution to clean the upper and lower case to remove the dirt.
  9. Then assemble the keyboard, return the rubber dome in the same position. And cover it and screws, be sure that the keys will bounce smoothly.
  10. And connect it to the computer CPU port, check the keys one by one, use a word processing or the notepad to make sure that the keys you press are correct.
That's all, you can open also my YouTube channel for this tutorial.


What is Computer Today? And the Things that are Impossible to Possible

Personal Computer or Desktop

The computer is the highest device made by electronics and its device accepts data, stores data, and processes data accordingly throughout the different resources of the computer. And the computer is used for the highest form of calculation using the logical function. If a computer use on the networks its fetches, received, and transfer data through input and output signal and processing and decoding it to make the information readable by the human being. In a Medical laboratory, computers are used to control any machines so that they can process the patient samples and can give accurate results for the doctors' patients.


  1. Use for Information- Before information of people is not easy to receive, most people depend only on newspapers and magazines and from the people who could tell the information, for example, news updates that came only in a radio stations or television. But through computer information can be obtained using the internet in the world wide web. All the information you want is possibly 100 percent available. If you research there are sites available, for example, wikipedia.com, and if you want news updates there are Google and Yahoo that can serve outright on your monitor screen.
  2. Use for Communication- Before communication is difficult to own by a person because of its limitation and availability. But today people are using the mobile phone as the number 1 device to communicate instantly, even the caller is from another country. In using the computer, before people are using the telegram. That will arrive at the destination in more or list in 7 days. But today, using the computer there are emails that can be used to send or receives email messages instantly. So because of computer, works, business and communication of people in the community became reliable. And became more efficient in their industry and creates more productions and efficient time management.
  3. Use for Exploration- Persons in terms of searching the truth, students and teachers or even other people in society that engage in-depth study like the scientist people. In order to get the truth and discover a certain thing that's beyond our eyesight or out of our knowledge. They need to research and this required exploration. Without computers, they are limited. Example exploring the oil in the depth of the ocean and the exploration of the moon.
  4. Use for Automation- Today, if we notice there are machines used by the different industries to perform a certain task. Like in the medical industry, hospitals use machines controlled by computers. For example in the hospital's laboratory, they are using Chemistry machines to read human serums in order to get accurate results. In government or the military. They are using drones, it's the unmanned aircraft that controlled by computer use by military personnel. Before on the days of Armstrong that landed on the moon. He uses a robot camera to transmit certain information or images to the NASA station. Today we heard that there are industries that produce a humanoid or a robot.  


1. PC or Personal Computer- Before this computer also called a Microcomputer. Because all are based on Microprocessor technology. The processor bandwidth s counted in kilobytes, Megabytes, and Gigabytes. And it can process gigabytes of instructions per second. Today's PC there are two different processors, the Intel and AMD. Both running in gigabytes but have different versions of processors like Intel i7 and Rayzen of AMD. This computer is compatible with Windows Operating systems. Unlike the Apple or MAC computer then uses its own operating system. PC can run multiple known software or programs like Microsoft Office, Internet browsers, Graphics design software, and many more. And the most likely or known to the users are playing games while at home or in the office and also playing favorite movies.


The PC computer is also used to control other machines. So that it can perform to processes a certain task. Example a machine of laboratory, like the chemistry machine that use to store or install its control and processing software. In order to run the machines and processes to get the accurate results of chemistry serums from humans.


  1. System Unit- This device is the main box or commonly called the Central Processing Unit or CPU. The function of this device is housed the internal hardware of the PC and the 3 main hardware, they are the motherboard or mainboard, Memory or the Random Access Memory or RAM, and the processors. The motherboard is also the central sub-assembly of the computer because peripheral or the input and output devices of a computer. And attached to this part including the internal hardware is connected in order to process the information by fetching, decoding, and transmit information via different resources of a computer, for example, the networks that use different communication media. 
  2. Input Devices- Are those devices of computers that have the ability to feed information. The main input device is the keyboard task to enter commands to the computer system. Other input devices are the flatbed scanner, computer camera, and the pointing device or the mouse.
  3. Output Devices- Are those devices of the computer that have the ability to produce information or output it using the monitor screen, either LCD or the CRT. Other output devices are the printer and speaker. 

All In One Computer

2. All-In-One Computer- This computer has the same computer hardware and software using the Windows operating system compatible. The very different about this is the devices like the system is assembled together with the LCD monitor screen to become one unit. And it can be used with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is also capable to receive WIFI signals and also it can connect to the router and other network media devices using the LAN.

3. SmartPhones- Before mobile phones are made by Nokia, users are limited. But because of the advent of technology through computers, the demand became high. Smartphones are considered today as a computer or portable computer the same as a laptop or notebook computer. It's a different type of mobile phone devices that use for multi-purposes. And build with the high capacity of the hardware and extensive mobile operating system like the Android, Windows, IOS. The impossible before that can't handle through mobile experience. Now today is very possible and 99% of the people in the world carry this mobile phone. And information and communication became possible and easy.
4. Laptop or Notebook Computer- This is a type of portable computer, same as PC or personal computer, it is also made of Microprocessor technology. It can process millions or billions of instructions per second. This type of computer commonly uses for mobile purposes. Because I can be put in your lap while on a bus or airplanes. And most recommended in dealing with clients in one on one presentations of a certain product. It can be installed and compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and other compatible OS. And other programs or software required by your job.
5. Super Computer- This type of computer can process trillions of instructions per second. One of the Super Computer is called Summit made by IBM. This is used by governments or use for scientific purposes.


These are the devices of a computer attached to the input and output ports of the computer. Including the internal hardware install in the system unit.

1. KEYBOARD- QWERTY keyboard is commonly used by PC or Laptop. The new computer keyboard is used for gaming. It's a lighted and mechanical keyboard and more durable compare to the rubber dome keyboard. And build with the new technology using the USB connection.

Gaming keyboard

2. Mouse- It's the pointing device of a computer and it's the alternate input device of a computer. Same on the keyboard, it can be connected to the USB port or in a wireless connection. The difference between the old model

Gaming Mouse

3. Speakers- This is an audio output device of the computer. It's used for gaming, playing a movie, or even watching video sites on the internet like YouTube.com  

Computer Speaker

4. Monitor Screen- This device is tasked to display the information coming from a system unit or CPU. There are different types of the monitor screen, they are Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), smart TV, other are touch screen LCD.

LCD Monitor Screen

5. Printer- One of the needs of your computer or by yourself for printing a document, or multiple files, or even images you need a type of a printer. It depends on you or required in your computer task either in your work or in your house. Below is the most common type of printer:

Colored Printer

  1. Dot Matrix Printer- This printer is used for low-resolution output, meaning use only for those documents that purely text and numbers like a receipt. The most common brand is the Epson printer LX-1170. This printer can print multiple pages, it uses carbon to duplicate a copy during printing.
  2. Colored Printer- This printer is used for high-resolution output, meaning the use of both text documents and graphical images like photos and logos. It can produce a clear image and can perform a fast printout.
  3. All-In-One Printer- This printer commonly uses in larger offices or even in the home. This incorporates the fax, printer, xerox copier, scanner, and even can be connected to the networks of the computer for printing. By using this printer it will provide centralized document management, distribution, and production. Some of the printing business uses this printer for multiple xerox copying of documents of their clients.
  4. DGI Printer- It's a Digital Graphics Incorporation, it's a type of printer that use to print large format printouts. Mostly use for textile and tarpaulin advertisement banners.
  5. CAD Plotter Printer- This is used for technical printouts and design, technical maps, or even use in computer-aided design for the engineers.
6. WEB CAMERA- It's an input device that connects the computer and the internet. It can capture pictures and any moving pictures. It is used by the user to capture himself for social media images and video posting or in a chat group camera to camera viewing. It's always connected to the computer and use the hard drive as its storage.

Web Camera

7. Flat Bed Scanner- It's an input device used to capture the entire elements of printed documents and save them into the storage of a computer. It uses an optical device to scan the entire documents.

Flat Bed Scanner
8. Network Switch- This is one of the communication media that use to connect multiple numbers of computers to make a network and sharing of resources like the printer.

Network Switch/ Hub

9. Router- This device is used to route data from the internet or from an Internet Service Provider or ISP to the networks of computers or even in a single computer. It can be connected to a network or to the WIFI card or WIFI adapter of the computer.

Network Router

10. Wireless Adapter Card- It's a device of a computer installed internally to receive the wireless signal from the router device or other wireless devices.

WiFi Wireless Adapter Card

11. USB Wireless Adapter- It's a USB dongle that when inserted into the port of the computer, will function to receive the wireless signal came from the router. Or use by the other network Wireless device like the Digital Radiology Flat Panel that use to capture the image of patient expose by X-ray radiation.

USB Wireless Adapter
12. USB Flash Drive- It's a type of computer storage that has a limited capacity that use to insert in the new connection technology called USB port. It's a handy type that replaces the old type of external storage called the Micro Floppy Drive.

USB Flash Drive

13. USB External Drive- This type of computer external storage uses a laptop hard drive or the 2.5" HDD and enclosure and the USB controller board that will connect to the computer USB port for saving large amounts of data. Instead the internal storage of computer or laptop.

USB External Drive

14. Bluetooth- This is a USB dongle technology that use to capture or receive and communicate with other Bluetooth devices. It is also used to exchange resources like images and documents. And as to connect other devices like audio sounds and external mobile phone speakers.

Bluetooth Dongle

15. Barcode Scanner- This is a special use device and this device uses a laser beam technology that use to capture a barcode print on any products for inventory or in a cashier task. It is also made of USB that can be connected to the USB on any desktop computer.

Barcode Scanner

16. Other information about the system unit or CPU of Personal Computer, kindly link here: What does what in your computer? Computer parts Explained or you can open this link here: The Main Assembly of Computer System Unit or CPU


1. Super Fast Vehicle- We know that vehicle speed counted by kilometer per hour. But because of the computer, Mr. Elon Musk invented the hyperlink train that runs at the speed of sound. It's possible to have a speed limit of 700 mph that travels inside a vacuum tube.
2. Space X Aircraft- It's a spacecraft for space travel or exploration. Funded by multi-billionaire inventor Mr. Eleon Musk in 2002. For the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars.
3. The Holy Bible- You know that the Holy Bible is the book of our faith in our God. And it's written on multiple pieces of paper of multiple chapters. This time the Holy Scripture of the Bible is written on multiple pages on one of the internet sites of the Bible. And through this, the message of the Bible is possible now to the whole area of the World.
4. Drones- Through the advent of computers, the innovator or a hobbyist person can build an aircraft made of a piece of metal without a pilot but instead controlled by a computer. One of the first users in the Military. And they can use it as reconnaissance and attack aircraft.
5. Artificial Intelligence- Only God can create a human being and can create a unique intelligence. But this time a human can create a human-like that can perform tasks that normally the human can do. There are Robots this time, possibly they're a soldier, house helpers, teachers, or more or even animals.
6. Climate Change- God creates a beautiful nature and a good environment. But because of the advent of the computer or when the computer was used totally by governments and civilians, almost every human being is knowledgeable. Information became easy, the way of knowledge is increasing, and even the way of life. So their more demands, there are more factories, and this factory uses materials that promote pollution. That can damage the environment that can cause climate change.
7. Surrogacy- It's a process of legal arrangement of a mother to become a pregnant (Surrogate Mother) and give birth to a baby from other persons that would be the family of the surrogate child. The possibility is impossible, but because of computer, the complexity of this process became possible and it's possible today.
8. Digital Radiography- In a medical group or in hospitals like the Radiography department, before they used chemicals to process the lungs images of the patient's capture by x-ray through radiation. Today using WiFi technology and a flat panel detector, they can use this device. And the processing of images and the results are easy by printing only using the computer. And it can process hundreds of patients in a day.
9. In Vitro Medical Laboratory Machines- These are the different types of laboratory machines that use to read and process the different patient samples of the patients. The most common machines are semi and fully Chemistry, Hematology Analyzer, Electrolytes Analyzer, Auto Immunology Analyzer, Biosafety Cabinet, A1C machines, Urine Analyzer, Incubator, Oven. Most of these machines are controlled by computers to make it possible to produce more accurate results than very impossible before.

The Bottom Line

This computer generation is more sophisticated, there is high tech technology surround us. The things that are impossible before, this time it is now possible using the advancement of the computer. What is the improvement next, most especially in the coming years of the digital age? It's now started using computer technology, more advanced computer devices and mobile phones, gadgets and more. Let's learn it's for us and the future. Thanks to Pixabay for all the images used in this post.