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What to do if Your USB External Drive is Recognized But Files won't Open


If you have 1 or 2 terabyte USB External hard drive, then you have big files inside of it that compose of documents, images, graphics, and movies. There is no problem of storing, using this drive, but the time that your files will not open, the folder you made where there are files and data stored its now not responding when you double click or right click to open. This is now the biggest problem when this was happening in your drives. And then when you attempt to fix using the windows tools is not effective due to the bad damage of the files that your windows can't manage.

What is the cause why this file can't be open in your external drives? There are some factors why this happens.
  1. You remove the drive, but you not safely remove the drive using the windows.
  2. You accidentally remove the drive immediately.
  3. You inserted the drive in your laptop, but the laptop suddenly shut off because of lack of battery power.
  4. The external drive was inserted in a laptop or computer that have many viruses.
  5. You inserted the external drive in not compatible USB port like the 2.0 MBPS instead of using the USB 3.0
If this was to happen in your drive and in your files, don't panic that may cause to permanently lose your data. Don't attempt to fix the folder or use any repair software or a tool using the windows of your computer or laptop. This may cause to permanently damage the location of the files on your drives that no hope for recovering your important files. Below are some tips how you manage correctly to recover your files.
  1. If your drive was inserted in your laptop or computer, remove the external drive safely using the windows desktop at the notification area.
  2. If it can't remove safely, shutdown your laptop or computer. Then you can safely remove your drive.
  3. You can use any recovery software to retrieve the files, but you need time and effort retrieving the files that will mostly finish up to 3 to 5 days. It depends of the speed of the computer you use.
  4. You need another new external drive that have a capacity of 1TB, during the recovery process the retrieve files will automatically transfer to the new storage.
  5. Be sure to use a compatible USB port in both external drives like the USB 3.0.

Recovering or retrieving the important files is not easy, you need extra time to monitor the files. The computer will permanently open. First the files will be scanned deeply before retrieving the files. If you have not enough skills to do this task. You can contact me using the contact page of this site and also in our Facebook account. Will cater your need and make our service to you.

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