Getting Started with Peoplesoft Test Framework (PTF)


Technology can help out people with everything, from personal to professional problems. Companies
greatly benefit from technological solutions that other companies provide. A  great example is the
Oracle Cloud Services in Milwaukee. They offer computer software solutions to help businesses
perform better than those not using technological solutions. Typically, developing a test plan takes
a lot of time and effort. As we know, time and effort also means extra expenses for the company.
This is why Oracle created a solution to this problem. The main product that they have is the
Peoplesoft Test Framework. It is a self-operating tool that does different tasks such as functional
testing. Here is an overview of what Peoplesoft Test Framework does.

Peoplesoft Test Framework

This is a great tool that can repeatedly do tests. It is effortless to use. Users can quickly change
variables to use the same scenarios and cases over and over again. It works by recording and
re-doing the actions of a single user who is executing functional tests. The system can replicate
movements so that functional testing becomes easier to do.  The user can record his movements
or manually apply them for the test that he wants to do. It just works like a playback that the user
recorded. All test recordings and variables are automatically saved in the database which is
transferred and copied to other databases. This tool is extremely time and cost-efficient. It can run
even during non-operating hours and does not need any human guidance while running.

Peoplesoft Metadata integrated

PTF can look beyond the user interface. It can identify an area on a page not by where it is but by
what it is. This is important because, even if a textbox was moved from one part of a page to another
part, it could still perform the test without any problems. Furthermore, this helps the tests to continue
with less maintenance, and it will be able to tell where the problem is located. The scripts will be able
to run and run again even if elements of the page are moved to different places on the page.

Easy to make test scripts

Peoplesoft Test Framework can create test scripts by recording. While it is on record mode, it can
reproduce all the clicks and steps that the user does. By doing this, PTF can create managed objects
that fill out a grid in a table in the Peoplesoft application database. PTF saves these objects inside
Peoplesoft which has some advantages. Being a standard Peoplesoft managed object, it can be
transferred to different databases and can be ready to use in other tests.

Intended use and user

Peoplesoft test framework was created primarily to be used by business owners or analysts. But,
they also need the assistance of IT to be able to use it properly because of script maintenance and
migrations of managed objects.
According to Oracle, “PTF is a tool that automates various tasks within the PeopleSoft Enterprise
application – primarily functional testing. Automating functional testing allows you to execute more
tests with greater accuracy during a shorter time window”. So, its primary function is functional
testing, which is one of the most critical steps in testing.

To sum up

There are companies that are created to give other companies technological solutions to help them
with their daily work from scheduling to testing. There are a lot of problems that can be solved with
thehelp of technology. It is incredibly time-saving to integrate technology for the further development
of your company. Make use of technology solutions for your business and be able to see increased
productivity in your company.

Getting Started with Peoplesoft Test Framework (PTF) Edwin Deponte 5 of 5
Technology can help out people with everything, from personal to professional problems. Companies greatly benefit from technological...
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