5 Best Brain Training Android Apps in 2018


Most of the people feel bored when they are in travelling, so how you can create fun by simply installing these 5 best brain training android apps.

1. 1. Lumosity brain training app:

This is one of the most popular brain training apps in google apps store. Let's check what the features they are offering and how it will make fun by installing. Lumosity designed 40 games to test critical thinking in adults brain, you can also increase problem- solving skills and test your memory skills. Lumosity gives you challenges to your muscles across a variety of segments like memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving.

Start your first test by entering 10 min challenge, here you can test your baseline scores and see how your memory compete with people of your age.

Some of the best features are:
  • Daily brain exercises 
  • Workout modes 
  • Detailed Brain Training Insights 
  • Mindfulness Brain Training 

Daily Brain Excises: In this Feature, they will offer you 40 brain games to challenge core cognitive and academic abilities, including:
  • Puzzle games 
  • Memory games 
  • Problem-solving games 
  • Logic games 
  • Critical thinking games 
  • Math games
  • Word and vocabulary games 
Workout Modes: Here you find best-curated games designed for you, make your game preferences
and habits to find new ways to challenge your Brain.

Detailed Brain Training Insights: Level up your gameplay by analyzing your game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns in your game.

2. NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games:

Neuro brain training app helps you sharpen memory, focus and intelligence with a daily dose of fun brain-games.
It helps you know where you stand now, Neuro Nation provides a great experience for adults, Free University of Berlin and training experts have been working on that topic for the last 7 years, brain games help in increasing your memory and provide great relaxation to your brain. Let's check some of the best features in this android app.

29 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses
  • It Provides best insights on your potential and strengths 
  • They offer Personalized and scientifically developed training 
  • From peer group of people, you can get precise insights - know where you stand right now 
  • Games are very Engaging and frequent new exercises 

3. Peak Brain Games & Training:

The peak brain coaching app is awarded together of the most effective humanoid apps in 2016 by the
Google. It’s the smarter app wherever you'll sharpen your brain. It trains your brain with straightforward and colorful exercises and games. you wish to travel for the professional version if you wish to access all the forty-one games at your console.

Features found out From Peak:
  • You will access free games that challenge your emotions, memory, attention, drawback resolution, mental thinking, ability and feeling management. 
  • You can learn within which class you're professional and vie along with your friends to attain success in this space. 
  • You can meet the non-public trainer for your brain therefore on track your progress. 
  • It conjointly works offline and you'll relish peak games anyplace you would like. 
  • You can get over thirty-five games and regular updates conjointly.\ 
  • With a professional subscription, you'll get customized insights and workouts. 
  • You can get access to peak advanced coaching modules wherever you'll be trained in anybody explicit talent. 

4. Elevate-Brain coaching games:

Elevate is one amongst the most effective free brain coaching apps for the up the abilities. It uses the language because of the tool for brain coaching. solely West Germanic language speakers get pleasure from it. you'll get access to the free trial version for fourteen days with five games and to unlock forty-three games you would like to travel for a professional subscription.

The elevate could be a brain educational program designed to enhance attention, speaking skills, process speed, memory etc. With Elevate one and all will get customized educational program thus on maximize the results. With Elevate you'll build the crucial psychological feature skills that area unit designed to spice up productivity, earning power and sureness.

Features of Elevate brain coaching app:
  • 35+ brain coaching games specialize in crucial psychological feature thinking skills. 
  • You can track your elaborate performance output. 
  • You can get customized daily workouts that embody the abilities you would like. 
  • Adaptive issue progressive to make sure your expertise is difficult. 

5. Memorado – Brain Games:

Memorado brain games because the name implies that it's chiefly targeted on the memory management games. you'll access pictures, maths, language-based games that take a look at your overall brain power. Then solely the customized travail plans area unit created for you.
A strong and mentally well-developed brain leads abundant happier life. quite four million users across the world use this Memorado brain coaching games. It acts because the leading gymnasium for your mind in providing the fun, customized workouts that area unit geared towards your memory. you'll choose between 450 levels in fifteen games supported neurobiology that is meant to urge slicker.

Key Options of Memorado:
  • You can challenge your friends to search out out UN agency is smartest. 
  • It provides customized daily workouts patterned in line with your preferences. 
  • Over 450 levels in fifteen game to train five key brain areas. 
  • It's terribly simple to handle with the beautiful graphics. 
  • It will regular scientific tests that show your brain fitness levels and progress. 
  • It shows statistics from your strengths and potential. 
  • You can boost your skills essential for real worlds like maths, drawback resolution and logic. 
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Most of the people feel bored when they are in travelling, so how you can create fun by simply installing these 5 best brain training an...
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