Solve Lenovo ideapad 320 keyboard Problem and Possible Remedies

Fix Lenovo laptop keyboard problem

If you own a Lenovo Ideapad 320 or another model of this Laptop and encountered a trouble of the keyboard. This is what happened to the laptop of some of my clients that cause a serious problem of the keyboard. First, I thought that one of the flexes wiring inside of the keyboard is damaged. But after I check in some of the forums I found out we're not the only experience of this kind of trouble. But the other owner of this model and also on the other model of Lenovo laptop.

I did some checking and diagnostic in both the hardware and software. I think that if there are no problems of the flexible wires inside, the root of the problem is the operating system problem. Either invalid updates of the Microsoft that cause error to the system or the keyboard system drivers was affected.

To make my diagnoses became concrete I did the below task to make sure that the keyboard is good but can't work on the operating system because of the invalid updates of the Microsoft windows that cause the keyboard drivers failed to work.



  1. I need to remove the CMOS/BIOS battery to make the system of the laptop return to factory default settings. 
  2. I dismantle the laptop and remove the connector of the CMOS/BIOS battery. Check the image above here. But after you remove the uppercase cover, remove the connection of the internal battery pack. Before you can remove the BIOS battery.
  3. After you disconnect the CMOS/BIOS battery connector reconnect it again.
  4. Then if the keyboard is functional, you can use it to enter on the BIOS setup and do a resetting of time modules and boot up of hard disk drive for the operating system startup files.
  5. Then save the BIOS setup.
  6. I check if the computer will boot to the desktop and the keyboard still functional. But after it prompted on the desktop the keyboard problem back again or the keyboard is not functional on the operating system. This is understood that the cause of the problem is the operating system. 



  1. Check the windows updates: control panel> programs> programs and features>installed updates.
  2. Then to make sure that the windows will update again, remove all the windows updates, invalid or valid updates.
  3. Then remove all the possible programs that cause the invalid updates. The main cause of invalid updates is one of the products of the Microsoft installed in your laptop. Like the installation of the pirated Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2016 versions.
  4. Check the windows updates if there are new updates available. Click the button called "Check Updates".
  5. You can use also the Lenovo updates, this may also fix the problem by updating the keyboard system drivers.
  6. Updates the device manager, click the start button> type device manager> click device manager> once the device manager open, click keyboard, right click standard PS/2 keyboard then click update driver. See the image above here.
  7. If the keyboard now is functional, do some setup using the windows settings then open the keyboard menu. Follow the image above here.
The keyboard problem of Laptop is a serious failure of the operating system. This needs a full skill to do the troubleshooting and fixes. Do not attempt to do if you have no ample experience in doing this task mention above. If the above fixes and remedies not working in your part, you can reset your windows. But be sure to backup all the important files and do not install any pirated Microsoft software that cause invalid updates. 

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Solve Lenovo ideapad 320 keyboard Problem and Possible Remedies combinebasic 5 of 5
If you own a Lenovo Ideapad 320 or another model of this Laptop and encountered a trouble of the keyboard. This is what happened to t...
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